Audible: We’ve got to use that sled!



The Pax got down and dirty at SPEARHEAD!  Halfway through the routine, Q got all AL Bundy on the Pax and in a scene reminiscent of old high school football glory days, zeroed in on the 5 man sled.   Somehow I don’t remember it being that hard in high school and props to Bob The Builder, who looked over and jokingly said “I might puke” (guess when we played ball, the football gear was a lot lighter than a ruck sack).  The team gutted out the pain and pushed that sled up and down the football field.  Good thing there wasn’t a resource officer there because after looking at the path made in the dew, you would have thought we’d been up all night drinking…wasn’t quite straight. 

 The Thang (everything below with Ruck Sacks on back):

 Coupons used: 55lb KB, 45lb KB, 40lb Sand Bag

Mosey to Football fields with coupons 1/8 mile


 SSH x 25

 IW x 25

 Welcome Party: Chest/Quad/Cardio Blast:

 Partner Up:        P1 15 Push-ups; P2 15 Squat


                                P1 15 Squat; P2 15 Push-ups

                                 P1 14 Push-ups, P2 14 Squat


                                P1 14 Squat; P2 14 Push-ups

Rinse, Repeat and continue all the way down to 1 rep…both partners 15,14,13,12, 11, 10…etc. on both exercises

 Burpee Squat Thrusts x 17 (In Cadence)

 Recover – head to sideline of Football Field

 Tunnel of Love x 1 – across football field


 Group Bear Crawls to Sled…approx 60 yards

 (5) Man Sled Work In Cadence down Football Field

 Push 20 Steps, Rotate positions x5 (100 total)

 Turn Sled

 Push 20 Steps, Rotate positions x 5 (100 total)

 Mosey to Track

 “GO…RUCK” Indian Run (55Lb, 45Lb, and 40lb coupons) 2 laps (half-mile)

 Mosey to parking lot

 100 LBC



Outstanding effort all around from the group.  Being a small group doesn’t allow us any room to hide or cheat reps and I was impressed!  We had a newbie to the GR training, Gullah, who didn’t disappoint.  He crushed it out there like an old pro while wearing a 30-35lb vest and didn’t miss a beat.  For a moment, he looked like John Rambo during the Tunnel of Love as grass and mud covered his arms and legs.

 Nice to see Big League Chew, Culkin and BTB out there as they were some of the 707, so needless-to-say I had a lot of living up to do being Q.   Those guys took a massive beat down 3 weeks ago and if you were in the 707, T-Claps all around. 

 Shot out to Culkin, who was sprinting with a 55lb KB almost leaving the Pax behind in the Indian run, and Sweetness for engineering up a modified Ruck Sack that could have passed inspection from a cadre.

 Nice work gentleman and a pleasure getting to lead the routine today.  As always, SPEARHEAD isn’t just geared for GORUCK people.  It is an intense F3 style routine with a Ruck Sack thrown in and a few Ruck specific workouts to help prepare our brave F3’ers for an upcoming GORUCK challenge. 




  1. Hope to see more people out at SPEARHEAD next week. Even if you don’t have a Ruck, no problem. SPEARHEAD is a nice change of pace, lots of cardio, endurance and strenght all in one.

  2. BTB (Bob The Builder) on

    I appreciate the shout out about my near-puke experience. That was pretty brutal. We need to do that again!

    Trust me – the TUNNEL OF LOVE across the football field brought back BAD memories!

    Really enjoyed it today, guys. We are developing a great thing here!

  3. That is just wrong, the #TOL serves but one purpose in life and that is to separate ones skin from his body #justsayin. Like Dora, almost glad I’m on the DL for this one #parkrdparkstrikesback

    • BTB (Bob The Builder) on

      The grass this morning at carmel was refreshing, perfect for crawls! And no sand in sight! Although, I was itchy all morning from the grass. (Allergic?)

      The TOL this morning was mostly challenging because of the low number of people and the fast pace. Constantly up in plank, down to crawl, back up in plank, back down to crawl. This was a great cardio workout, and should definitely become a SPEARHEAD staple.

      I really liked the format of having the “Welcome Party” before the meat of the workout. We jumped right in to it, and it hurt. I think we should use a similar structure at future workouts for sure.

  4. hugely bummed that i missed this morning. As i always read, GRC is more mental than physical, so i will stack my 24hr USAir odyssey against your Thang !! in order to get in the groove i did last week’s workout when i got back (more individually oriented)….ouch! i need some advice on form because i almost knocked myself out doing burpees. Hey BLC – – are you in for Oct 19??

  5. CoopDog and Iron Horse, we missed you out there. Hopefully we can get you’all back next week…I am not opposed to replicating the routine next week, but more sled work this time. That was brutal!
    Also, might have head-locked Chew into the GRL on Sept 14th. Can we get some more people to sign up?…After that, count me in for October.

  6. Ok, now you’ve got my attention. SLED! TR, did you see this? Sounds like old Skunk Works stuff. I’ll definitely have to explore Spearhead after the BRR. Good work, boys.

  7. Bob, I had to say something about the puke comment as I was feeling the same…have we ever had a Q puke? If so, that would be awesome.

  8. If you go to a workout that TR (Tiger Rag) runs, you’ll likely puke or blow it out the other end…trust me, stay away when he is Q…ha ha (rumor has it TR will be at Day Zero tomorrow)

    • BTB (Bob The Builder) on

      TR Q’d my first F3 workout at Bandit (Freedom park – Wednesdays). It was brutal. I can’t believe I came back…

  9. Big League Chew on

    IH I haven’t signed up for the Lite or Challenge but I am contemplating it seriously. Anybody got any discount codes. Yeah the sled was nasty! TOL…only thing missing were47 other guys and a mouth full of grass. Also found some pretty nasty coupon cutting grass today. Should I bring ‘em this coming friday? I’m not talking KB but some awkward heavy stuff. As far as puking… I had a chuck fly out at Outland couple of weeks ago from the 707 hangover.

  10. Chew….heck yeah. Bring any coupons you want to throw in the mix. I’ve got a feeling whatever you come up with will be good and nasty. Would love to have you at the GR Lite so you can show mw the ropes.

    • BTB (Bob The Builder) on

      BLC – I also sent you a 20% code to your email.

      In preparation for 10/19 we should have some special workouts at SPEARHEAD.

      For the last challenge, we did some welcome party simulations and some of us did long weighted rucks with coupons. Anybody interested in having some extra workouts over the next few weeks? We could have one more day a week until 10/19?

    • BTB (Bob The Builder) on

      Only day I prefer not to do it is Wednesday, but whenever you guys are open to it is fine with me. We could do a long ruck hike with coupons one week and then welcome party the next. Couple that with the normal SPEARHEAD on Friday and that’s a good start towards challenge prep. I’m willing to do up to three days a week personally.

      • i travel many weeks, but when i am in town, count me in. monday would probably be most predictable. A few of us have started doing long(er) rucks on sunday – just to get the shoulders and feet used to the weight….not as long at BTB’s 11 milers though…so switching that for a monday ruck workout would be good.

  11. TR- thank you for not bringing that sled to Day Zero as with every movement today I am reminded of that core blast you tortured us with yesterday! Very nice.

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