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4 SPEARHEAD faithful posted at 0445 this morning for a little extra credit beatdown.

The Thang:
Team forms up in one Column
One 40lb sandbag as team coupon

Go to football field
Drop coupons
Form One Rank

Forward leaning rest position
Push ups ~25
Bear crawl across football field
Push ups ~20
Squats ~40
Sniper drills across field
Buddy bear crawl back
Low crawl back

Team forms one rank
Rucks overhead
Lunge in place ~50
Get on the ground with rucks on chest
Flutter kicks ~50

Rucks on back
Team forms one column
Move out to the other grass field.
“Package” hidden in field (Ruck with 10 bricks).
Team finds the package (stealth mode – no talking, no lights).
Package becomes second coupon.

Move out to run-down baseball field
Drop coupons
Team forms one rank
Low crawl across sandy infield
Crab walk into outfield

The PAX were instructed that they would be doing 450 reps of various exercises – team’s choice. Q has veto power. 75 reps maximum per any individual exercise.
75 x overhead ruck press
75 x flutter kicks
75 x ruck chest press
75 x squat – ruck overhead
75 x dolly – rucks overhead
75 x mountain climbers

Pick up Coupons
Take coupons back to Q’s truck
Move out to grass behind school
Tunnel of love – all the way across grassy area

Move out to parking area.

COT 0615


  • Good work men, it was a strong showing today.  Thanks for letting me lead you guys this morning, I really enjoyed it.
  • The buddy bear crawl, low crawl, and tunnel of love brought back fond memories of #grc707.  I heard more than a few mentions of wearing long pants to the next training session.
  • Moniteur had given us a hard commit last night via Twitter, but for some strange reason he didn’t show up…….  I guess his kids had to borrow his Hello Kitty backpack this morning.  We’ll save you a spot again on Thursday, Moniteur!


  • Today was Workout 1 of the SPEARHEAD patch challenge.  Only 14 more scheduled workouts before the challenge is over.  Post 9 times by 9/27 and earn your patch.
  • GORUCK returns to Charlotte:  September 14th GORUCK Light Challenge in Charlotte.  October 19th – 1AM – GORUCK Challenge in Charlotte.  Let us know if you are participating.  Come out to SPEARHEAD for your challenge prep, we will continue with three workouts per week at least until the 10/19 challenge.
  • SPEARHEAD T-Shirts from the first and second orders are being printed this week.  No firm delivery date as of yet.
  • Come out Thursday 0445 to Carmel Middle School (back parking lot by baseball fields) for a challenge paced ruck with coupons.  This will be fun and a chance for some good 2ndF

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  1. Funny…I just found some sand in my mouth nearly 15 hours later! Nice work BTB…brutal. I can only imagine what 10 more hours feels like…mad props to the 707.

  2. This workout was so brutal that I only just now, two days later, gained the strength to comment. I am totally wrecked neck to knees. Absolutely got my money’s worth. Add water and a log and it was nearly 707 all over again.

    Great work, BTB. Can’t wait for the next one…or can I?

    Low crawl is brutal.

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