Preblast: SPEARHEAD 05:30 Friday at Carmel Middle School – Looking for something strangely rewarding?


5 man sled

SPEARHEAD’s Friday routine is going to be one to remember….rumor has it the Sled is going to make another apperance and we are looking for some more F3 faithful to come and check out what we are doing at Carmel Middle. 

Even if you don’t have a back pack (Ruck), that is no problem at all.  Friday’s routine is modeled to be an intense F3 style workout with a few suprises thrown in.  Come out and see what all the chatter has been about!

Extra Credit: 05:10 (1) Mile run into SPEARHEAD and (1) Mile run back.  Park at Carmel Presbyterian Church, 2048 Carmel Rd.




  1. Nope. The kidney is ok but you might want to invest in another lung, chest, quad and hamstring….just sayin…he he

  2. Big League Chew on

    Dang! I wanna go so bad but threw my back out at Foxhole Monday so I’m gonna have to resist. I was hoping to bring some coupons myself…maybe next week.

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