SPEARHEAD Goes Strapless


Strong showing this morning by the Pax! Strapless rucks was originally planned for Mile 2, but the hilly terrain was a good substitute. Overall, a good mix of fellowship along the way. Our route – a SPEARHEAD if you look close!

The Thang:

Ruck up and form Column

One 40 lb sandbag as team coupon

Mile 1-2: Coupon in front moving in good form

Mile 3: Dora “We should do pain stations next time”

Mile 3-4: Strap privileges denied (run through sprinklers on Sharon View)

Mile 4-5: Carmel Road! We are getting closer.

End: 5.19 miles at Carmel Middle. COT


  • Nice work, with a shout out to Angler – RESPECT.
  • SPEARHEAD is an intense F3 style workout with bricks in tow. It is not just geared to GORUCK, although we may be crazy enough to spare a kidney for our rucks #Earlymorningforthehoff.
  • We learned something interesting from the Hoff around mile 4:  “I gave about $300 for my ruck… oh, and the kidney”.  WHAT?
  • SPEARHEAD launches from Carmel Middle School tomorrow at 0530 – come out for a ruck friendly F3 boot camp.  The “One Kidney” Hoff is Q.
  • Come out to Carmel Presbyterian Church tomorrow morning at 0510 for one mile of extra credit ruck in and out from the workout.


  1. Great time, great route, great company. Love these long rucks. Culkin, you did a great job on the route. Timing our ruck to pass those ball-height sprinklers while they were running was a feat of time engineering that would impress even Tiger Rag.

    HUGE respect to Angler — War Daddy Strong. Wish I was doing GRL with you, brother.

    For the record, pain stations do not equal loss of straps for a mile. #justsayin #notwhatimeant

    You know, just looking at him, you’d never guess The Hoff only had one kidney. I’m calling a name change.

  2. T-claps Culkin – – nice lead. i had a feeling we were moving in a spearhead movement #whereiscarmelroad? have to agree with Dora that 120 pushups #DCGoRuckTotal? would be preferable to the mile++ strapless. The wet T-shirt contest was a nice touch.

    Angler – awesome brother.

    i’m IN with you and Hoff for the GRL – – nice warmup for the GRC.

    Hoff….kidney….what the?? #rolloverandcough

  3. BTB (Bob The Builder) on

    I can’t get over Hoff’s donation of a kidney just to get a GR1. That is incredible dedication, and it’s why The Hoff is a SPEARHEAD faithful.

    Good lead, Culkin. Glad we could follow you on a walk through the neighborhood you grew up in. Next time, we are waking up your parents so they can join us.

    See you guys tomorrow morning!

  4. Brothers, thanks for your support, patience and encouragement. Good Q Culkin, thanks for setting it up. Wonderful to have all of you on the GRL. Angler

  5. Yeah, somehow I am not sure how I got fooled into donating the kidney for the Ruck…guess it was a penalty for Med dropping last time!

    In all excellent effort – esp. Angler! Great routine, and a nice change of pace. Going on these long rucks really builds time for us to get to know each other and actually is like combining the F1 and F2 components all-in-one.

    See you all tomorrow in the gloom.

  6. Angler, can we count you in for tomorrow? Would be great to have you there as you are one of our sept 14 GRL crew.

  7. Angler. Awesome spirit and hard commitment! Skip the 1 mile ruck in if needed and we’ll see you at Carmel at 5:25. Also, tomorrow is more of an F3 workout and we work at our own pace…if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying :)!!
    You were a beast out there today and really rallied at the end. Heads up to all to make sure to stretch out that chest tomorrow…he he.

  8. I’m just ticked that i Angler stole any age sympathy I could have hoped to get at GRL.
    I registered today – good test for oct 19. Tomorrow we will headlock Sweetness into registering.
    He stays on the sled until he relents.
    Angler – you are a beast – privilege to work out with men like all of you.

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