Not the Tunnel…Again?


SPEARHEAD doubled in size this morning as 11 strong men showed up for a F3/Ruck style beatdown. 

The Thang,

1 Mile Ruck Into SPEARHEAD

Rucks ON

Balls to wall up

Hand-stand Push-ups x5

Balls to the wall down – Hold

Push-ups x 10

Balls to wall up

Hand-stand Push-ups x5

Balls to the wall down – Hold

Push-ups x 10

Mosey with coupons to field…WAIT…someone turned sprinklers on…


SSH x 33

IW x 20

Chest explosion

Diamond Push-ups x 30

Wide Push-ups x 20

Stagger Push-ups Right x 10

Stagger Push-ups Left x 10

Power Up Push-ups x 15

Negative Push-ups x 5

8 Count Burpee with Squat Thrust x5

Overhead press x 40

 AUDIBLE – Can’t use Sled so Q had to think fast (Sled routine was roughly 20 Min of power leg work) 

Tunnel of Love

Low Crawl Up Hill 

Indian Run with Coupons x 2 laps

Indian Run – No Straps x 1 lap

Mosey to Parking Lot

LBC x 80

Flutter with Ruck Press x 40


1 Mile Ruck Back to Church


Please keep Iron Horse’s family in your prayers as today, his father passed away.  Tom- you have our full support, condolences and prayers. Please let the Pax know if there is anything we can do for your family during these hard times.

As always an honor to lead such a fine group.  T-Claps to Strange Brew, who after the Tunnel of Love, had to set a few PAX straight on the proper technique for the low crawl with a demonstration…I guess he was tired of being the only one to use the right form, therefore working twice as hard.  Brew you are a beast! 

Thank you to the team for being flexible as with the sprinklers on, we had to ditch the Sled work that I was so excited to bring back into the mix since it got such great reviews last week…however you never know, the sprinklers might be off next week so stay tuned. 

Much appreciation to the new faces out there today and great effort all around.  It is very rewarding to work with guys that are giving 100% on each exercise.

Shot out to Sweetness, who was sprinting like a Gazelle out there during the 3/4 mile Indian Runs…did anyone check his Ruck for weights? 

“Which one of you is Lyell Peterson” was murmured when Dora has the bright idea to call out “No Straps” which Q felt inclined to follow.  Our shoulders will be thanking you tomorrow.

Next week, we’ll need more coupons as the group get larger so please feel free to bring anything that you can carry that adds some weight to the Indian Runs.



  1. personally, i found the 3 coupons to be sufficient. really looking forward to getting a piece of that sled. if Dora keeps his “no straps” chant we may be chasing him across the field with the sled on full power. and finally, another T-claps to Angler for unspeakable accountability in reporting for duty (at 2 locations!!) in spite of injury. us youngsters have something to learn! [thanks for the personal thoughts].

  2. Yeah…Angler, my bad. Forgot to mention that in the Backblast. I’ve never seen someone report to a workout only to tell the PAX they he couldn’t workout. Most of us just roll over in the fart sack!

  3. Thanks for the shout out Hoff. Someone tell me to slow down next time. Tom, you and your family are in our prayers.

    • BTB (Bob The Builder) on

      No – next time you need to tell us to speed up! This is supposed to be a workout after all, right? Strong work out there, Sweetness. Hope to see you next week.

  4. BTB (Bob The Builder) on

    Good work everyone! Hoff did a great job despite a small hiccup due to the sprinklers. We are still working out the kinks over here at SPEARHEAD, so bear with us and prepare to roll with the punches/aka sprinklers until we learn more about the site.

    Great turnout today, and I hope we can have the same number or more next week.

    If anyone wants to be a SPEARHEAD Q please let us know!

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