66 excited and strong individuals fell into ranks early on Saturday morning to embark on a journey that would begin the insanity that we all love and thrive on…GORUCK.  14 of us and 3 M’s were from F3 and needless to say, VERY well trained for this event!

Cadre Kevin addressed the group by mentioning that he only has 1 speed, loves PT and that it was his first GRL.  He said that he didn’t really know how to dial it back an notch and thankfully he didn’t.  As we worked our way down to Independence Park (where there was a festival getting set up for later that afternoon…which was funny because the GRL group ended up being the focal point of interest from local bystanders.  In fact, one lady literally stopped her car, rolled down her window and laughed out loud, saying “what in the hell are you all doing?” )

Once in the grass we formed into 6 ranks for a little dose of PT to get the blood flowing.  The PAX had a little confusion with how the Cadre like to count off each rep, so there was a little learning curve there.  We believe he punished us with a few Tunnel of Love’s and the Shimmy, Shim, Shim (which is fun to say, however horrible to do)

As we completed PT, naturally Cadre Kevin explained that he wanted us out of our comfort zones, so into the fountain we went, then over to get a little sandy.  A few rounds of mortar training and we were all covered in wet sand and ready to go.  But wait…5 volunteers to go to John’s truck for something…SUSAN.  5 Logs daisy chained together, our first coupon.

On with the Ruck March.  66 strong, packs on and lots of coupons for a 7-11 mile Ruck.  Early on the Ruck was interrupted by a group of runners doing a 10K and the PAX cheered the competitors on as we moved through Charlotte.  It only took Cadre Kevin about a mile before he got bored with the pace and started killing off people.  He was nice enough to kill off Brendon first, who tips the scale around 270lbs…a few minutes after that Angler and several more to follow.  Once at the Greenway, it was time for more.  There were landmines everywhere, so had to traverse the fountain.  It was a challenge carrying dead bodies up and over the fountain, but the teamwork was outstanding throughout and each obstacle became more and more fluid as the team learned how to work together.

Once at The Met, we were relieved to have medics onsite to help with the wounded, however that didn’t mean Cadre would lighten up on us.  Next steps, into Sugar Creek.  As we hiked up sugar creek, dodging snakes, slippery rocks and bridges, on the exit at Freedom Park there were a few hypodermic needles floating in the water that must have made their way down from the hospital.

As we traversed up to Freedom Park, we became quite the center of attention as even people who were supposed to be watching their kid’s soccer game were turned around watching us and wondering why we would do something like this.  The looks on their faces are the exact reason and gave fuel to the PAX to push forward.  Cadre Kevin began weapons training at Freedom and sent platoons out in search of something to carry in the woods.  This went on several times.

More beat down as the next call was for Hydra-Burpees in the pond…goose poop and all.  On the way up, PAX had to scream “I LOVE IT!”

Running way behind on time, Cadre has us take the hill a few times and Ruck back to base Camp.  Along the way of course, continuing with killing and surprises along the way.

Back at Base Camp Cadre said we start strong, but end even stronger.  Re-introduce the crowd surf and tunnel of love.

All-in-all, great job by the F3 faithful.  After 6 hours and 15 minutes, the F3 PAX actually agreed that the PT we do at SPEARHEAD was more intense than GRL and we are excited to be a part of the full challenge on Oct. 19th!

For a link to photos from the GRL click: https://sites.google.com/site/spearheadf3/photo-gallery

And for more weekly GORUCK training, check out the SPEARHEAD page for more information.

As always an honor to be able to be a part of something like this!


Shawn Kelly aka The Hoff

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  1. BTB (Bob The Builder) on

    Great BB, Hoff. Thanks for putting that together for everyone to go back and read, it’s cool to read about the misery that I didn’t have to experience ;-).

    All of you guys did an awesome job! We had a great showing from F3 PAX and M’s. I was proud to see those SPEARHEAD patches covered in sand at the welcome party – Definitely following Rule #1.

    I would have hated to be in that Freedom Park pond! GROSS

    TClaps to Angler! What a beast! He has been SPEARHEAD faithful thrice weekly for a while now, and he is strong. Great picture of him in the featured image. Can’t wait to shake your hand, brother. Good work!

  2. Thanks for the BB Hoff. Great showing by F3 including by the Metro Indy PAX who were posting at the same parking lot for their Saturday a.m. workout. Crowd surfing was much worse than the Freedom Park Goose Bath. Nothing like a 250lb guy in Ranger Panties dropping in. I’m pretty sure Donkey Kong had the Gargoyle KB (>70lbs) in his grasp the entire 6 + hrs #whichoneisthebeast. Angler – awesome brother, just awesome. The picture needs to be on your living room wall. Overall, Culkin and BTB had us prepped well for this one #illmisscadrekevin.

  3. Thanks, brothers, for getting me ready and looking after me along the way. The F3 M’s and MAngler too. It felt like the entire F3 Nation was behind me. I have only seen one photo less flattering. Thanks for not using it! Hoff, you are the beast, not me. Can’t believe you were sick all week and still led us through the GRL.

    • BTB (Bob The Builder) on

      I disagree, Angler – I think that photo is flattering. You look like a beast!

      I hope we see you out there this week, and future weeks at SPEARHEAD! And I really hope I get to do an event with you at some point as well.

  4. Big shout to Hoff for pulling me into the Spearhead fray. Late to the game but no worse off. Really felt prepared thanks to you guys, including BTB. We missed you, bro. To Molson, the tights were a fashion statement…keep up the good work. Not sure I’ve earned my Spearhead patch or shirt yet after hearing Angler’s tough-man worthy posting 3 times/week. But I do have my GRL patch…its a step in the right direction. Enjoyed the Good Livin’ guys. Thank you.

    • BTB (Bob The Builder) on

      We hope to see you out at SPEARHEAD this week. We’ll be moving back to Carmel Middle for Tues, Thurs, and Friday. Come out with us!

  5. Big League Chew on

    Angler was great. Hoff is a beast never without a coupon of some sorts. DK got ahold of that demon bell (75lbs) early on and never let it go. Great showing by all f3 and none f3….well almost…one guy (nonf3) did quiet a bit of whining talking about if he makes us go in the creek I might break an ankle. 10 minutes later in the creek we went. Toward the end one couple could hardly wait for the trail to end. They were fed up! It was just funny to hear because it is a cpus event…but not really. The hydro-burpies took the cake. During mortar drills in the sand Cadre Kevin called out the big guy (?) as the ideal for the sand party. That was too funny. This same gut lost his cool pink rim shades in the lake during hydra-burpies. Plus he spent most of the time dead so we would have something heavy to carry. He was a character. Overall a strong group and a great way to spend a saturday morning. For those who felt the welcome party was alittle lite overall you will get your fill of misery in Oct. Then shimmy, shim, shimmy should be introduced to our f3 brothers. And I spoke with Cadre Kevin and the first thing he said about #707 was, “You guys earned your patch!” Can’t think of a better compliment coming from America’s finest. It was also great to see a familiar face as Dredd met us with high fives around the corner.

  6. Great BB. I love GoRuck. I love CSAUP. . . and lately, I love that mSoCal has started to love pushing herself as well. She would never have done these events 6 months ago. But FIA has changed her life. I highly recommend others push their wives to join in that movement.

    As for the F3 camaraderie, it was there of course. Its wonderful to know that whether its support from the sidelines or in the trenches, F3 is there for one another. Picking up lost mouth pieces, fixing broken glasses, clapping and joking from the sidelines. I couldn’t ask to be part of something better. Thank you all for yet another wonderful experience.

    • …just remembered, after being called for unintentionally cheating in Shimmy Shim Shim, and having to go to the back of the line, I was pretty much on empty yet still in the middle of the field. I open my eyes to see a gal grab my ruck, and Hoff pick me up like a sack of potatoes, and drag me 20 yards before I stopped him as I was about to lose my drawers. Asked him if we were there and he said, nope, halfway and then beasted me the rest of the way. What a boss. What yall feeding these boys down at Spearhead?

  7. Ballistic…sorry I forgot your F3 name. Just updated the BB! We are all Beasts and great to work with you…sorry about the shorts, some of the ladies wanted to see more. Ha ha.

  8. I have been told there was a little confusion around names, and when “Ballistic” expressed a fascination with “mSocal” the protective nature of the F3 Pax kicked in and somebody was about to be held accountable. I’m glad the Pax works off conviction and has a moral thermometer, however, SoCal and Ballistic are one and the same. Just the long, drawn out result of an F3 Identify Crisis and renaming fiasco.

    • BTB (Bob The Builder) on

      Good – we’re glad there’s not another F3er stalking your M. We were just now rounding up the troops to go take care of business, I’m glad you caught us in time.

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