So much for Casual Fridays…


 We salute our rookie Q, Liquor Cycle who brought a healthy dose of DownPainMent to the PAX this morning at SPEARHEAD.  Even Bull Dog would be proud because during the Jack Webbs, one of the PAX (The Hoff) suggested to the YHC that we go to 11…and quoted a classic line from Spinal Tap “Our Amps go to 11” and Q then yelled out, “Alright, we’ll count off the remaining Jack Webs with a British Accent”.  Needless-to-say, if you closed your eyes it almost sounded like just our comrade from across the pond.

 The Thang:

 05:10 Extra credit 1 mile Ruck with 30LB coupon

05:30 Mosey to rocks and circle Up

SSH x 25

Imperial Walkers x 25

Push-ups x 20

Grab a Rock

Overhead Press x 20 while mosey to Football Field

 Bear crawl to 50 yard line with rock

Lunge walk with rock from 50 yard line to sideline

Squat with rock x 30

 Circle Up

Push-up wave x 15 (PAX in Forward resting position, Q starts wave and says “down” and each PAX, one-by one goes to 6 inches.  All hold until Q says “Up” and one-by-one PAX returns to starting position)

Push-up side walk/crawl to 50 yard line

Flutter Kick with Ruck Press x 40

Push-up side walk/crawl to sideline

Team Lunge Walk with Rocks  T1 10 lunges, plank; T2 20 lunges, plank; T1 20 lunges, plank; T2 20 lunges, plank

Rinse and Repeat

 Overhead Squat with Rock x 30

Push-up x 20

Jack Webb to 11 (‘Our Amps go to 11” cadence with British accent)

 T1 grab 2 rocks, double-time back and return rock

T2 grab logs from woods, double-time to parking lot



 As always a Strong effort all around from the PAX.  As it was Liquor Cycle first Q we were all curious as to what our crazy comrade had in mind and within the first 10 minutes we were smoked!  Quote of the day goes to Schedule C who half-way through the routine stopped to mention “So much for casual Fridays”…At SPEARHEAD there is no such thing as an easy routine for sure. 

 T-Claps to Gullah, who without a pack used Hoff’s workout vest and with the amount of taking Rucks on and off has a particularly harder challenge than most.  That guy is a beast!

 For those counting towards the 10,000 September Push-up Challenge, we did 141 Push-ups today (101 of those with the Ruck on)

 If I left anything out from above, please email me or comment in the section below. 


  • The SPEARHEAD Patch Challenge continues until 9/27.  Patch Challenge Standings
  • SPEARHEAD T-Shirts are available at the F3 Gear Site
  • PT Reflector belts for those that signed up should be available late next week (by 9/27/13). $11.50 to Culkin gets you a cool lime green elastic reflector belt!
  • § 9/28 Mini-Ruck launches at 07:00 at Sardis Rd Greenway.  PT test 2 mile run, 55 Push-ups, 55 sit ups in 2 minutes followed by an 8-10 mile ruck with coupons.  Afterwards an F2 event at Buffalo Wild Wing Crown Point. Click to register:

Check out for more information and to join our Google Group mailing list

Respectfully, The Hoff on behalf of Liquor Cycle



  1. I seem to remember having to bear crawl back across teh field with the rock a second time…does anyone remember where in the routine above we did that?

  2. It’s past time for instruction on etymological origins and proper spelling of our Q’s name. He tried to name himself Scooter at his first workout and was aptly renamed…

    LIQUOR CYCLE: Noun; Slang term for a moped or scooter that does not require a driver’s license to operate. Preferred method of transportation for DUI offenders.

    In my opinion, it is one of the finer names in F3 Nation. Bi-syllabic, apt, fun to say, and funny. So then, let us not besmirch the fellow’s name, whether from ignorance or indifference. Please, no more awkward compound homonyms such as: Licker Sickle, Liquor Sickle, or Licker Cycle. Scooter, and the guy who named him, deserve better than that.

  3. Thank you TR. When I googled the word, Google automatically changed the search to Sickle. Moving fowward we’ll honor the great name that you blessed Scooter with.

  4. I wonder what a Liquor Sickle would look like or a Licker Cycle, and I won’t even imagine a Licker Sickle, ouch! It is fun to say.

  5. Now that makes sense – Liquor Cycle – splendid!! So sorry I missed today’s event – actually woke at 7:05 – cannot recall alarm going off (or being set). I will say the sleep was very peaceful. Means I will only be 3 laps behind run stopper and tiger rag in tomorrow’s hydra challenge. Aye!

  6. Sorry I missed it. The F2 makes allof the F1 worth the time and the pain. I did get a 3+ mile ruck in with best dog Abby on her 9th birthday. Sadly, not in the fartsack. Hate to miss the event tomorrow but family calls. See you Tuesday. Angler

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