17 PAX at NoCo Spearhead – Introduction of a Team Weight


GR Starbucks

16 PAX and 1 Cadre showed up in the Rain and developed into a better team.  The men of The Estate are strong, not sure why we don’t have any men from 131?  Remember the Cadre of GORUCK aren’t your friend during the event, but they have been in combat defending the Freedom that we and our families enjoy each day.  Every GORUCK event is different, but will always work as a team.
The Thang:
2 Lines, Rucks on ground, introduce team weight (40lb GORUCK Sandbag)
Rucks On
Rucks Off
Run around church with no ruck and back into lines
33 Selection Quality Push-Ups
Ruck up & Lunge Walk towards field
Rucks off and over head
Ruck press
Rucks on & continue Lunge Walk to field
1 Line
Low crawl
20 Standing alternating Lunges
Rucks off
25 Seal Sit-ups  (PAX face to face and interlock arms)
Inch-warm pushup  (not sure how many we did, need practice)
25 IC Low Flutter with Ruck Press
Overhead Ruck Press
Overhead Ruck Squats
Rucks on
Exercise we haven’t done before
Tunnel of Love – everyone goes through twice
Partner carries from middle of field to fence
Two Columns to Pull Up Forest
Get 6 logs
Oops left Mini-Me by himself, he died
Move the 6 logs, team weight and casualty down to entrance and around church via the woods
Here is where it all went wrong, the path use to be clear, guess cold weather doesn’t kill prickers?
Alternative route up hill and through the holly trees
Forgot about Jolly Roger and Snake Eyes, got to communicate and stay together
Dragged or somehow got them through the trees
Get the 6 logs back to pull-up forest as quick as possible
Two Columns back to cars and COT
Naked Moleskin:
- Great work, honor to be amongst you
- Team Work, Team Work, Team Work
- Come prepared, if dark you must have a headlamp
- Sorry for going over!!!
- We wouldn’t have gone over but your fear of Thorns delayed us :)
- Glad no one died after being Tantrumed during sit-ups
- Where were the Highlanders?





  1. Excellent Q! The brambles were a perfect example of how the best laid plans can go wrong. Adapt & overcome. Keep Friday’s face up front to catch the majority of the thorns.

    Also, the worst part about being near Tantrum’s low-hanging atmospheric disturbance was that the wind was blowing, but it wasn’t dispersing. It hung there until the exercise was over. It might still be there.

  2. Highlander here. My daughter woke up with Croup at 1 am so made the decision at that time to not post as I didn’t know what the night would hold and wasn’t going to put it all on the M.

    Looks like a total blast, great for mentally overcoming the elements.

    I will see some of you tonight at the Lone Survivor screening and others next week.

  3. Dallas, great Q.
    Thanks for the continued teaching for us good livin’ newbs
    Good morning for a beat down. #downRAINment
    I’ve attended GCC for years, yet every spearhead I find out a new part of campus never known before….I have to get out of the pews more on Sunday.

  4. - Well done Dallas, every Spearhead brings more cohesion. Love being a part of this training.
    – Scrappy & Snake Eyes, glad you guys are back in the fold, we needed every man this morning.
    – Friday, thanks for taking it in the face for us.
    – Mini Me, you need to drink some milk. My ruck weighs more that you!
    So for the GRC Vets, is the majority of the challenge like today’s training? If so, definitely staying with the boots. Uneven dark terrain, I felt better support. That is until Snake Eyes and I got killed.
    – Oh, and don’t go on your knees when C-Note is crawling under or he will slap you square in the nuts. #youhavebeenwarned
    Calypso, you’re a beast. I am not sure I could carry me, well done.

    • Every challenge is different, however most everyone that has been done in Charlotte, when not in water, was mostly on pavement. Boots would help with warmth if it gets cold but could work against if you are wet. Do not use waterproof boots. Water will certainly get in and then wont be able to get out.

      • Oakley LSA Water Boot – best boot for challenge in my opinion. It has drainage ports in the soles. It’s super lightweight. Basically, it’s made for this. Great for PT, you can run in them if needed, and I am yet to change socks during a challenge. I have never even had to dump the boots, but I do get a LITTLE bit of sand in there depending on how deep we go. At Wilmington, I did end up with beach sand in the boots but never dumped any out. It was bearable for 20 miles.

        Just my 2 cents.


    • Awesome Comments!!! I am wearing boots for the Heavy, doubt for challenge because depending on the temperature outside depends how much time in the water (wet feet, shoes work fine) :)

      • I too am doing boots for Heavy as I know Ft Bragg is going to mostly off road and I need the ankle support and traction.

    • You can also split the difference with lighter weight boots, but use appropriate cold-weather socks. Smartwool, or other wicking-type socks will keep you warm, but let the moisture escape.

      • But in in the end the ONLY thing that really matters is your mind. Get your gear right as best you can and tell yourself that you aren’t going home without that patch. Cadre will mess with your head, stay in the moment, don’t project what is next because that will discourage you as your mind will project pain before it even happens. Take to heart “If you ain’t cheatin you ain’t tryin.” and expect the log to be supremely heavy.

        Just know that you have the benefit of your F3 brothers, no one is going home that isn’t a med drop, we make sure of it.

          • Definitely don’t wear a watch to training because you dont want to get in the habit of knowing what time it is. At the challenge, you’ll be lucky if you pass a bank or something with the time on display. Other than that (and the sunrise), you’re clueless.

          • Going into the challenge I told myself, to the point I was nearly convinced, that we were going 20 hrs. I repeated it every time I thought about how much longer it could be. Doesn’t matter, just do what is in front of you. If it doesn’t suck you aren’t doing it right. and believe it or not after you are done you wish it would have lasted longer. And that is why some of us idiots sign up for Heavy.

  5. Conclusions…Tantrum smells like a diaper full of Indian food. Scrappy=Brotherhood. Someone has to lead at all times! Dallas will get his ruck dirty…TO.BE.CONTINUED. Briars to the face… #enoughsaid

    • I was staying back with my flashlight since your headlamp was in your ruck, guess you didn’t want it to get wet……. Friday you were the leader out there today helping team #dowork

  6. Joshua Knichel on

    Great evolution today. We learned that there are still opportunities for us to be aware to step up to lead when the challenge arises. We’re coming together and getting better each time. Always be thinking about someone else on the team! #iamthird

    Also, practice at home the “Ruck on, Ruck off” with Mr. Miyagi speed and with gloves on. I was especially slow with that today.

    C-Note and I have pulls in our Man Tights. We’ll send Dallas the bill. I think someone also broke a nail scratching Friday.

    Tantrum…I think I harass you enough about your ripe man perfume. I’m suggesting a name change to Pepe Le Pew or Skunk.

    • Captain, it may be time to ditch the Male Compression Pants (tights) for Spearhead. When I got home my daughter asked me why I was wearing girls leggins. #ifsheonlyknew

      • Tights are the way to go, I was only one who wore them in August. They saved my knees, dried near instantly and allowed in zero sand.

        • This GRC is getting pretty expensive with all the recommendations.

          I am going to need some help rucking on a shoestring. Of the things we’ve commonly talked about, what would you do if you could only do one?

          outfit ruck with straps, etc
          performance food, gels, etc

          • I won’t comment on what is most important, but given what we learned today, the sternum strap may be more of a hassle, I left mine off today because Dallas kept on making us go ruck on /off. That being said you can make your own waste strap for under $10.
            for boots/socks/tights I would check out Marshalls/Goodwill and ebay. I found some Under Armour tights and base layers for less than half of what it costs at Dicks. And the gels and stuff you can pick up what they recommend for less than $10. Then grab some vasaline from the medicine cabinet and lets do this!

          • Now THIS I can speak to.
            First of all, borrow whatever you can. The straps on your ruck can be modified at home if you have access to a seeing machine & you can salvage off of existing backpacks, bags, etc. Lower cost carabiners are available at Lowes or Home Depot, but, be wary of strength. The cheaper ones DO break easier. Look for heavy duty industrial ones.

            For footwear, I’m wearing the same trail shoes I train in now. They got me through in August, and I’ll just adjust socks for temperature. Don’t overthink it. But, I would probably spend my money on good socks over anything else now.

            If you’re making it through F3 without tights now, you’ll PROBABLY be okay in March, but, look for sales at the Hanes or other outlet stores at Concord Mills or online. They DO make life (and low crawls) easier.

            The food is not as expensive as you might think. If you shop at REI, wait for sales. I still have half of what I bought last time waiting to use this time. I just didn’t go through it like I thought I would. DO focus on electrolyte tabs for your water bladder. That’ll make the difference in dehydration more than anything. (Mine last time also had caffeine)

          • Good tips Fonz. Stray, you can borrow/have some of my food, borrow a carabiner, but guys don’t share tights.

          • Boots are totally option for the challenge, sneakers will do just fine.

            Waist strap is optional but highly recommended, unless you like your ruck on your neck or above your head during PT. U can get what you need to do it your self at REI for around 10 bucks, just make sure you secure it well as mine came undone during welcome party and had to get over that mental blow.

            Socks- yes 2 pairs tops I did August with just one pair, should have changed once

            Tights highly recommend, they dry faster than pants, are near weightless even if wet, and I see why women wear them as full time pants because boy they are comfortable.

            Food- who cares eat well the day off and take a few items I ate maybe 3 things.

            One thing I do highly recommend is Chia Seeds/gel, I sweat like a mule in any temp. I was really concerned with dehydration so I prehydrated with Chia Gel and did not have any problems during challenge.

          • Definitely will need some food. But you don’t have to buy food branded specifically for exercise or endurance challenges. Feel free to buy natural products and make your own packets for the challenge, or long training rucks. If you do enough training evolutions where you may need food (long rucks etc) then this would be far more cost effective than buying the cliff bars and whatnot.

            Definitely get good socks. Get them now and go hike ten or fifteen miles in them. Get liner socks too they will save your feet. I would spend money on socks no matter what. I wear merino wool liners and outer hiking socks. My favorite brand is FITS.

            Straps on the ruck come out to about five dollars from GOPC if you get them to outfit the ruck for you. That part is something I would do and then if you don’t like the straps later you can take them off.

            I don’t know about tights but I wear cargo pants. I’ve worn the same pants for countless training sessions, two GRC, and two GRL events. RStill fine. They cost about twenty bucks at the surplus store. I usually wear merino wool long johns under them in the cold – those are expensive.

            If you are going to buy shoes, I swear by the Oakley LSA water boots as mentioned in this same thread. I have worn the same pair of boots and socks for all training and events. Still holding up fine.

      • Joshua Knichel on

        That was my second time with man tights. I have resisted up until GR when Dora led and I about shredded my knees in the frozen grass (razor blades).

        I’d like to say I’m Captain America tough, but GR is about work smarter not harder. Anything to be comfortable (as possible).

  7. I got home and inserted two more bricks. I am now at 6. Any other 4-brickers ready to level up? We’ll push through together!

  8. I have two caribiners someone can borrow, I used a strap from an old laptop bag for my waste strap and had my wife sew loops in it, happy to ask her to sew loops in your gear if needed.

    Shoes – for the challenge I used my normal running shoes, using boots for the heavy because 24+ hours.

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