16 Spearheads for a surprise APFT


16 Men showed up for GORUCK training with only 1 knowing a test was about to be administered.  YHC walked up to the flagless team, asked them to line up in 2 columns and we walked over to edge of the baseball field. We grounded our rucks and read the APFT instructions to everyone.

“You are about to take the Army physical Fitness test, a test that will measure your muscular endurance and cardiorespiratory fitness. The results of this test will give you and your commanders an indication of your state of fitness and will act as a guide in determining your physical training needs.  Listen closely to the test instructions, and do the best you can on each of the events.”

– No Commanders here at F3 :)

Push Up – 2 minutes, feet less than 12 inches apart, Arms fully extended down to upper arms parallel to the ground, back up to fully extended.

Sit Up – 2 minutes, teammate holding feet, legs 90 degree angle, fingers interlocked and behind your head, up to or beyond vertical position, down to shoulder blades touch the ground.

Run – Timed 2 Mile run down road to nowhere to Hwy 21 and back = 1 mile *repeat for 2 miles

Plug your results below into this website – > http://apftcalculator.com

Arizona – 71 PU, 52 SU, 16:37 Run

Black Eyed Pea – 70 PU, 40 SU, 17:29 Run

Blueprint – 45 PU, 32 SU, 17:57 Run

Boot Legger – 71 PU, 52 SU, 15:38 Run

Capt America – 68 PU, 54 SU, 16:14 Run

Calypso – 60 PU, 45 SU, 16:16 Run

Dallas – 60 PU, 52 SU, 15:10 Run = 240/300

Daisey – 70 PU, 69 SU, 15:38 Run

Fonzie – 55 PU, 55 SU, 17:11 Run

Friday – 60 PU, 65 SU, 15:06 Run

Jolly Roger – 56 PU, 51 SU, 16:11 Run

Land Shark – 68 PU, 52 SU, 15:51 Run

Snake Eyes – 51 PU, 41 SU, 17:40 Run

Special Sauce – 62 PU, 71 SU, 16:11 Run

Tantrum – 70 PU, 35 SU, 15:04 Run

Ty Webb – 60 PU, 42 SU, 16:16 Run

Rucks on, Elephant Walk down to Pull Up Forest

Retrieve 7 logs, gather on field, Ty Webb is leader, Capt America is dead because no America Flag, YHC’s ruck becomes team weight, 5 minutes to get around backstop and back to starting point.

Near backstop Black Eyed Pea died due to sniper fire while carrying the casualty. While heading back the team & leader forgot about Friday and Snake Eyes, small group went back to retrieve.  Didn’t make time hack.

Put logs back, low crawl to first base line, bear crawl, low crawl, on feet, 2 columns and run back for COT.


1 – Great job on the pop quiz men!

2 – Who knew guys would like rucking more than running

3 – Remember to allow leader to do less heavy carrying so he can lead

4 – 1st time no one got tantrumed…… ?

5 – Honor to be a part of spearhead



  1. Captain America on

    My run time was 16:14. Yes, I talked smack the night before and Dallas beat me on the run. Next time we sprint.

    First time Tantrum didn’t repeatedly gas us all. Is he OK?

        • There is a lot of grumbling going on, but I also keep hearing – “this counts for pathfinder, right?” from numerous SH002 (is that the correct reference) patch holders…

          • We don’t keep track of the SPEARHEAD Patch classes because there have been a lot, and South & North are running at same time. Patch holders are patch holders.

            PATHFINDER has a final challenge requirement, so that is where the class number will come from. Everyone will complete the final challenge as a team.

            I added everyone shown as a patch holder from the January challenge log for NoCo.

            Remember to log all ruck miles and workout posts for credit.

            I will send out weekly updates to everyone on the log showing their progress.

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