No Log, Pole or Tree Left Behind


11 Men went on a scavenger hunt through the woods with 1 mission in sight…Find or Chop down a tree that we could carry for 3 miles

The Thang:

Coupons: Telephone Pole, Tree, (2) Man Log, (1) Man Log, Bonecrusher (65lbs Sandbag), SPEARHEAD Flag, and on the last ½ Mile Humans

 Launch 04:45

The team set off with all coupons minus of course the tree listed above.  The mission was to have the only people not carrying coupons to scout ahead at each section of woods along the way. Guys were brave enough to head into the unknown woods at 04:45, limited vision and uneven terrain in search of the perfect coupon.  Fortunately for all of us, we didn’t need to travel far when Crab Cakes hit the mother-load while deep in the woods.  After traversing a few briar patches, YHC instructed the PAX to leave the (2) Man Log and (1) Man Log so that guys could swap on and off the big log.  Apparently no one listened, and as we headed out of Carmel Park and down Carmel, YHC asked, “why aren’t people switching on and off the log”…to our surprise, the PAX had picked up all coupons and there was NO ONE to swap and NO relief at all…nowith enters the suck!  

Once the team made it around the loop and back to Carmel Park it was time to drop the big tree.  For the final ¾ Mile the Pax thought it was going to get easier without the tree, however YHC had another horrible idea in mind.  Let’s make it harder.  Thanks to BTB and Dora for Spearheading up the partner carry class (pun intended), our team was now trained on how to properly carry a human. 

The last stretch was a beast and guys were being killed of left and right.  Mad Props to the Pax for shouldering so much weight without any breaks.  This was exactly like how it will be in the GRC, except it will last 7-9 more hours.  Haha.

If someone could remember what the runner girl said to us when she passed us, please comment about it below as it was hilarious! 

Again it was a pleasure leading this group and I appreciate the honor.

Respectfully, The Hoff



  1. She said “WOWSERS!” And then something to the affect of “why don’t you guys get out and do some hard work this morning” (obviously sarcastic)

    It was hilarious. This was a very fun Thursday! It’s not always easy to keep Thursdays interesting but you did. Thanks for the Q, Hoff!

    Everyone remember to come out for OBTa Q tomorrow morning!

  2. No easy way out when everybody carries something. Ouch. Great workout.

    I need to gain a bunch of weight. It improves my probability of not being a dead human at Spearhead.

  3. Thank you team…now I’ve been catching myself looking at woods when I pass them in the car scanning for big logs…saw one on the way home that would have been unreal. Next time we need a log that 8-10 guys have to carry.

    You all crushed it out there and this one was right up Liquor Cycle’s alley…too bad the Liquor got the best of him, haha.

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