This IS GR CUSTOM Training…


10 GRC F3 Custom men posted at SPEARHEAD today for the necessary and appropriate training in prep for next week’s challenge.   SPEARHEAD is the most applicable training for a GORUCK that F3 has to offer.  If you are doing the GR Custom on March 14th come on out!  This is what we do at SPEARHEAD.  We quite simply get guys ready for this experience. 

The Thang:

04:45 Ruck Up for a quick time hack 1 miles to The Reformed Theological Seminary

05:00 Pick up BIG tree – Coupon #1

05:05 Pick up another Tree – Coupon #2

05:10 Pick up Massive (1) man Log – Coupon #3

Proceed to Ruck 4 Miles

Along the way:

– Log Press Shoulder-to-Shoulder x 75 Reps

– Log HOLDS overhead – while walking x 100 yards

06:15 Dump Logs



– Outstanding work today from our guys.  I can not stress enough how important it is to come to SPEARHEAD and train if you are doing a challenge.  Simply strapping on a Ruck and trying to figure this out on your own is completely insane.  No one man is bigger than a group of experienced guys who dedicate their entire time (outside of work), coming up with creative and innovative ideas that mirror all the things you can expect to see at a Challenge.  It saddens me to know that we have guys in F3 that are doing the custom that we haven’t had the chance to prepare (minus GRC alumni of course, as you guys know what to expect).  So, the point is, for March 14th it’s  not to late…Come out for the next couple days and see what we are all about.  Also, contrary to popular belief, we do a TON of cardio out here as well.  HIIT training is a staple at SPEARHEAD.

A few take-aways from today:

–    YHC received a call from Liquor Cycle that he was running late and so excited for the Log traininig today that he totally forgot there were rules in place for driving at the speed of light.  Needless-to-say the Blue lights caught up with him so he had to meet up on route.

–    BTB was also so excited that he used his massive fist to smash his “snooze” button on the alarm clock which ended up disabling the alarm, so he accidentally missed this training…”You hit snooze, you lose” lol.

–     BLC was also in haste to get to us as he pulled up a few minutes late and said he’d catch up.  Problem is he didn’t listen  to his cell phone message from YHC as to where we were going and ended up meeting us totally randomly on Colony…#communication problems today!  Thankfully he found us and was the first to take the heavy end of the Tree and Rucked that b*@ch the rest of the way.

– Crab Cakes is inhuman.  He should have been drafted by the NFL or something.  He rucked that (1) man log which was 80-100 pounds most of they and had a smile on his face the whole time…and when not carrying that, he was on the heaviest part of the big tree…#psychobeast

– Cable Guy gives excellent legal advice

– Uncle Leo hates being 6’4” but owned the back of that log

– Peloton (we confirmed today that it was a French Cycling word) needs a name change soon as he is nothing like a wussy Frenchman…the French have never won a war and avoid any conflict that any other country asks them for military assistance…so it’s almost an insult to have a guy this strong and dedicated to Rucking while honoring our military carrying such a burden

-Sundancer had a cool name. “Butch” but something is totally wrong with our naming committee in Ft. Mill…they gave him that name because is was girly sounding.  We need to get back to giving guys cool names

– Package…well his name says it all…his company makes packages, so the same committee named him as well.  I vote to give guys new SPEARHEAD names as this dude is a monster and is addicted to carrying logs – Love this guy!

As always, it was a pleasure to lead such a fine group of willing, yet slightly insane men today.


The Hoff



  1. Radar…missed you out here brother! Hope you back heals in time as we need alumni like you brother next week.

  2. Hoff, I had planned on being there and hate I missed this one! I forgot to reset my F3 alarm to post at 4:45, so I ended up going to #F3Hydra at the normal 5:30 instead for 49ers brutal workout! I’ll see you SPEARHEADs back out there on Tuesday for one last PT prep before the challenge.

  3. I’ve never worn a ruck. But when I do, it will only be on the day of the challenge. And I will dominate that thing. Probably even carry a tree by myself.

  4. That’s a pretty ignorant comment Spackler. Why don’t you borrow a ruck and strap one on this coming Friday?

  5. We’d love to have you Spackler…especially with BD in the Ruck! I bet you could get away with only having to pay for 1.

  6. I can’t stop laughing. Have this image of just Bulldog’s head popping out the top off someone’s ruck. Egging them on no doubt. C’mon pal…this is rubbish your effort!

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