The hardest part is showing up…


Five SPEARHEADs had the motivation to post this morning, regardless of the sound of pouring rain on their roofs.

The Thang

Sprint to football field with rucks
Low crawl End-Zone to End-Zone – 120 yards
Bear crawl back – 120 yards

100 x 8 count body builders in End-Zone

Sprint across field and back – 240 yards

100 x burpees in End-Zone

Low Crawl across field – 120 yards
Bear crawl back – 120 yards

Truck Pull ::
Hook tow strap to the front of BTB’s truck.
Four PAX pull strap while one PAX drives truck.
Alternate driver.
Continue to pull truck around track for one mile.

Form one rank in end-zone.

Sniper drills across entire field – 120 yards
Bear crawl back – 120 yards
100 x 8 Count body builders in End Zone

Pull truck up hill to parking lot

*Wake up from your bad dream*


Remember – What Happens at SPEARHEAD STAYS at SPEARHEAD

Great work out there today guys, this was great fun.  Thanks for posting in this weather, it was nasty.  One week to the custom!

I know the workout was pretty easy today, but we will make sure to give you one last hard one on Tuesday.

Everyone needs to RSVP to Challenge Week activities here – 

If you are participating in the custom, purchase your custom shirt and patch here – 




  1. Hopefully this will be the last threat of winter precipitation for the year, which means more posting at SPEARHEAD. Sure wish I could’ve been there, but I woke up to ice on my truck which likely meant ice on airplanes.

    @TheHoff Thought you were in knee recovery mode?

    @BTB I’m saving this BB for my future use. May I use it at Highlands?

    Also, I have a transfer credit for a GORUCK event. Anyone interested in a late spring or summer event?

  2. Big League Chew on

    Wow looks like I picked a good day to rest. I intended to be there but just didn’t have any gas in the tank.

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