It Got a Little Sticky at SPEARHEAD


14 Strong assembled to move an apparatus and get a final dose of GRC preparation this morning at SPEARHEAD.    In the end, patches ended up stucking to people.

The Thang: ALL Exercises Performed with Challenge Weight + Ruck

                         Rucks On/Rucks Off (5 seconds to get Ruck on your Infraction) x 3 rounds

–          Push-ups Infraction x 20

–          Push-ups Infraction x 10

–          No Infractions, nice quick work

Mosey to End Zone


                           On Your Belly, On Your Back, On Your Feet


In Cadence:        “On Your Belly” (Forward Leaning Rest Position)

                                “On Your Back” (Swivel from Forward Leaning Rest in one motion to Laying on Back)

                                “On Your Feet” (Similar to Turkish Get Up)


Cadence went as Follows: On your belly, on your back, on your feet.  On your belly, on your back on your feet.  On your belly, on your back, on your belly, on your back, on your belly, on your back, on your feet.   (During some cycles, we would pause and perform exercises at key moments of the cadence) = 13 moves each round 

–            On your belly, on your back on your feet complete cycle  x 5

–            (On your belly…pause Push-ups x 20, x 10) twice

–            On your belly, on your back on your feet complete cycle x 3 

–            Rinse and Repeat x  8 Cycles.  13 x 8 = 104 moves 

     Overhead Ruck Press (with Holds at the top position) x 30 

     Upright Row with Ruck (with Holds at the top position) x 20 

     Upright Row with Ruck Quick Time x 30 

                                   Pass The Ruck Squats x 105 SLOW Reps

–           3 Rucks were used as coupons and passed down the line as QIC called out reps

–          Pax had to HOLD squats in the bottom position until QIC called “Up”

–          13 Ruck Passes Total

–          Reps of 5 or 10 were called out based on team staying together

–          If team moved out of order, QIC had them start all over 

                               Team Human Back Rows/Shoulder Pulls x 4 Rounds

–           Pax Line up at goal line shoulder to shoulder

–          Every other Pax lie on ground facing up

–          Grounded Pax grabs hands of 2 Pax standing next to them

–          In Cadence, Grounded Pax pulls himself up in an Inverted Row Motion

–          Standing Pax holds up 2 grouded Pax –thus working shoulders similar to Farmer Carry

–          Rinse and Repeat x 4 

                                       Apparatus Work- Move that Sled x 200 Yards

–          5 Pax Pushes Sled 20 steps

–          8 Pax Ape Jump while sled is moving

–          Rotate 5 Pax on

–          Rinse and repeat 100 yards

–          8 Pax off Sled – Bear Crawl

–          Rinse and repeat 100 yards 

                                     Ruck Tie-Off (Pax had 2 Minutes to tie all Rucks together) Low Crawl

–          Starting from Goal  Line

–          Low Crawl x 50 yards

–          Move all tethered together Rucks down field  together

–          At 50 yard line turn around

                                    Ruck Tie-Off Bear Crawl

–          Starting from 50 Yard Line

–          Bear Crawl x 50 yards

–          Move all tethered together Rucks down field  together

Tunnel of Love

Shimmy Shim Shim x 20 yards

Plank Abductors each limb x 20 



Outstanding work out there today team!  It was extremely impressive to see guys perform at such a high level and watch natural leaders immerge during times when the Pax needed it.  Everyone stepped up at times.  Mall Cop grinded though the pain and kept us motivated during the inverted Back Rows that Clueless Engineered last Friday (sorry bro had to steal this one), Schedule C commanded the low crawls, LC carried multiple packs and helped the right side organize/strategize during Bear Crawls, Young Love and Header kept the middle in line in tact letting each side know when to hold or catch up…Package was leading the guys on how to cheat well (this is a compliment not calling you out) and a know specialist, Angler was the voice of reason during routines, World Wide Leader showed the team how to quickly move through the tunnel,  Bull Dog took one for the team….literally rolled on the ground to find Schedule C’s lost patch stuck to his shirt, Sundancer is extremely good at connecting Rucks, Check Point gave us all insight on Cadre Kevin and during workout kept a good timer alerting the Pax about Tapering and Crab Cakes owned that sled.  His booming voice reverberated off the walls of the field house like he was a football coach motivating his team!  Powerful stuff guys.  That’s exactly what we need out there Friday and I know we are going to have a memorable and meaningful Challenge together.  

If I missed you from above please sound off below.  It is with great appreciation that I thank you for coming out today to SPEARHEAD.  As the Challenge approaches the excitement will build and I personally cannot wait to experience this with each of you.  At times, we will all need to reach out and help the guy next to us as with any GORUCK Challenge, it’s all about the team.  Rest up, eat well and see you soon!!! 

Respectfully, The Hoff



  1. Wish I could have used a SPEARHEAD patch in image but couldn’t find one. BTB, it you can send me one I’ll make the switch.

  2. Great time this morning – great lead this morning, Hoff. Hard work and lots of laughs. If we can take the same attitude into this Friday we will have it made. Really looking forward to it! Aye!

  3. Plank abductors – surprisingly sucky.

    Need to work on my shimmy. My kids should be thoroughly entertained.

    Great work Hoff!

  4. Team Human Back Rows/Shoulder Pulls — Spearhead community property, no theft. These could become a staple. Great Q, Hoff! Thanks.

  5. Big League Chew on

    Geez, hate I missed this one. No one gets SH ready like The Hoff! Training a new guy at work so wasn’t much I could do. Excited and a little nervous about the events this week. Cadre Kevin is gonna bring it, I know. I look forward to suffering with you men and celebrating!

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