Spearhead Pizza Delivery!


Four pax entered Spearhead at standard Thursday launch of 4:45 am.

Mission: deliver Cadre Kevin’s favorite type of pizza back to CMS by 6:15. What is that you ask? Hint: it involves sand and “Brixx”

Total distance of 4.7 miles this morning with a missed time hack by 3 minutes. No punishment since it was a day to taper back for tomorrow night’s F3 Custom GORUCK Challenge.

Lots of fun chatter. Schedule C is wondering if you can sign up for the 5k at the launch point and double down it with the Challenge!

Moleskin: It was my first Q back since arrivals of 2.0s. Looking forward to getting back in the full swing of Spearhead!



  1. Great planning for this one. I hate that I missed it. Woke up sore and didn’t think it would be smart to post.

    Great time at ruckoff last night! Challenge is almost here

    And yes you can sign up for the 5k if we finish in time. ;-)

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