9 Men trying to catch the bear at GCC


9 Men just coming off GORUCK Challenge 943 rucked up to prepare for the next event. Preparing to crush DC Heavy, Raleigh F3 custom and one saying it’s his curtain call.  Who will join us for the next one to feel that feeling you can’t get from another event…….

The Thang:

Run West to the Field for a Surprise Army PT test – Rucks off for 2 minutes of Push-Ups, 2 minutes of Sit-ups, rucks back on and onto the field.

Catch The Bear – partner up, Partner A bear crawls towards pull-up forest while Partner B sprints other direction towards church to the parking lot and back, catches the bear and partner carries bear back to starting line.  FLAPJACK  then REPEATO

Lunge walk down road to Pull-Up Forest to pickup 4 logs and 1 slosh pipe.  Carry Logs and Pipe up to Hells Ascent.  Put coupons down.

Partner up – Partner A Farmer Carries both Rucks up & down hill twice while Partner B Planks then Flapjack.  Rotate down the line to then wear your ruck and carry slosh pipe up/down hill.  REPEATO x 5 or 6 (didn’t count)

Rucks back on – pick up logs for shoulder to shoulder x 10 IC, hold log overhead for 20 seconds.

Carry logs and slosh pipe down main church road then up to pull-up forest and deposit where found.  Line up on field.  Body Builders x 6 IC

Low Crawl, Bear Crawl, Low Crawl across field back to our cars.


a. Proud of everyone at GRC 943

b. Spearhead created some beasts the past few months

c. Stray don’t let today be your curtain call

d. Thanks Scrappy for your prayer, we will represent well next weekend

e. Wasn’t much mumble chatter, but I am also too congested to hear.

f. I wish the #DCR fartsackers were with us today……

g. Winnebago is a fast bear or maybe he is an Ox



  1. Enjoyed getting back out there. I’ll HC for some more Spearhead workouts but no HC for GRC’s at the moment.

    Make us proud in DC next week!

  2. Did you alphabetize the PAX above so as not to favor any one person? You must be a Democrat…

    Awesome Q. Thankful for your continued leadership. God Speed to u men at the HEAVY next week.

    Winnebago was on speed this AM. Need you at the Raleigh Custom on 5/3.

    I would like to continue Spearheads every Friday or maybe park at GCC and Ruck to the General.

    Thoughts on cont. Spearhead?

    • The democrat comment was hilarious.

      Thoughts on continuing: DO IT. SH is a community – not just a training grounds for challenges. PLUS – we have a lot of REALLY cool things to announce that are coming up soon that you won’t want to miss.

  3. This morning was fantastic! I feel energized for the day. I 100% support keeping these Friday workouts ongoing it provides great Strength and Stamina training and for most of us we will be doing as many GoRuck events as our lives allow so need to keep that base.

    Given that everyone this morning was likely pretty smoked from either 943, illness, Heavy training or a combination the performance was outstanding.

    As far as Raleigh Custom I am in if my wife isn’t out of town. I am way overdue for some good livin’.

    As far as my speed this morning it just happens that the chosen exercises catered to my strengths. Nothing special here.

    And to Bogey, Dallas, Friday, C-Note and Springfield I have no doubts that you will slay that dragon a week from now. Supremely jealous.

  4. @Stray – proud of you
    @Scrappy – it was easier to make sure I had everyone since I didn’t right down, don’t have your skills of pulling 35 Pax out of memory. Not a demoncrat
    @Winnebago – we love having you with us!

    SPEARHEAD Fridays are a go!!! Who wants to Q next week?

  5. Son of a gun. Guess I need to start logging pathfinder stuff. (he types with a sly grin). I figured I’d never get there but guess it is possible now.

  6. I nominate Stray for the Q next week. I am in for SPEARHEAD fridays continuing. Will be happy to Q when C-Note comes back after heavy. #custardfiledw/buttermilk

  7. Ok, I’ve completed Twitter 101 and understand “@” is used for identify people. Why is “@” used here? Are we somehow then able to link these comments to twitter? Or is it just your thing?

    Almost-Amish Stray

  8. @Stray the @ is used to denote who the comment is about as there can be lots of Pax. and I thing the term that maybest describe you is Luddite- The term Luddite was later used to describe anyone opposed to technological change.

    There is your dumb knowledge of the day.

    • @Winnebago that is what they called me when I showed up to grad school….and didn’t have a laptop, a cell phone, or even cable tv.

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