Angler Week Continued


8 Spearhead regulars posted to continue honoring Angler this week.  In spite of the warning that we would be doing some 70’s again, Clueless, Angler, and Dora posted at Spearhead for the second time this week showing that they had fully recovered from ThornRuck.

The Thang: (Note all counts and distances in honor of Angler’s age)

  • Run to the middle of the football field
  • Side Straddle Hop X 70
  • Imperial Walker X 70
  • Water can Indian Run – 420 yards (Indian run with last pax sprinting with 45lb water can)
  • LBCs X 70
  • Run 70 yards
  • Bear Crawl 70 yards
  • Burpees X 35
  • Ruck Tricep Extension X 35
  • Run 70 yards
  • Duck Walk 70 yards
  • Ruck Curls X 35
  • Ruck Bench X 52 (YHC’s age)
  • Run 70 yards
  • Lunges 70 yards
  • Ruck Bent Over Row X 52
  • 8 count Body Builders X 18
  • Crab Walk 70 yards
  • Jack Webb ladder (1 Push-up+4 air presses) up to 13+52 in honor of YHC’s age (455 total reps)



It was great to see everyone out there this am on a beautiful morning that made it seem like spring has returned. As hard as YHC tried, he could not completely silence the mumble chatter this morning. Some did wish at times that Angler was a little younger. Clueless was not clueless this am and called us out for not reaching 70 one time when the mumble chatterers tried to throw us off of the count #neverquit. Liquor Cycle proved again that he is the king of the bear crawl but we found his kryptonite #crabwalkssuck. Angler worked on his Army PT this morning. How many 70 year olds do you know that can knock out 36 selection standard pushups in 2 minutes? #badasswardaddy



  1. Big League Chew on

    Great Q Checkpoint! Though I did see some sandbagging’….we know who we are. Good workout to ease back into things. SPEARHEAD is starting to remind me of the Challenge or at least the parts that suck!

  2. I was doing great this morning until half-way through the bear crawls. POP in my elbow.

    Not sure what’s up with that, but it’s been hurting all day.

    OTHERWISE – great workout this morning! Glad to get to experience a Checkpoint Q #collectorsitem

    Thanks to everyone for being part of this awesome team.

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