GORUCK Changes Discount Structure. Steals and Deals


GORUCK has changed their policy on discounts, and has added a new section to the web site (Steals and Deals).

UPDATE: Certain quantities are getting very low, and some items are out of stock.  Current available inventory level for some specific items listed below (as of 4/21/14 @ 1700).

  • Civvy Kit Bag in Java: 0 units
  • 32L Kit Bag in Java: 0 units
  • 10L Hydration Bullet in Java: 0 units
  • Brick Bag in Java: 31 units
  • GR2 in Java: 5 units
  • 20L Gym Bag in Java: 2 units
  • SK40 (Slick GR2): 2 units.  (Coyote is the only color offered)
  • SK26 (Slick GR1): 82 units. (Coyote is the only color offered)
  • GR2 in Coyote: 24 units
  • GR1 in Coyote: 10 units
  • GR1 in Foliage: 0 units
  • GR1 in Navy: 0 units

We notice that all bags in Java seem to be at very low inventory levels.  The Slick Rucks are currently ONLY offered in Coyote, and the levels are getting low.  Perhaps we could speculate that some of the items/colors with drastically low inventory levels are facing discontinuation.  Jump on Steals and Deals ASAP if you see something you want that is low.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • There will be no more 20% across the board event discount, but instead discounts will be variable based on supply and demand.  Some items will be discounted more than 20%, while others will be discounted less.
  • Black Original Rucks will no longer be discounted at all
  • Original Rucks in colors other than black will typically be discounted more than 20%
  • Steals and Deals section of the web site has been launched, offering discounts on many items without requiring event registration at all.
  • We understand that the change in discount structure is to help control inventory levels and liquidate some of the items that aren’t selling as well.  If you see something you want at a great deal, jump on it before it’s gone.  We don’t know if some of the items and colors that weren’t selling well will be available after they sell out.

Brian from AllDayRuckoff put together a list of the most heavily discounted items:

Watch Cap – Originally $22, Now $8 (64% Discount)
Full Panel Tac Hat – Originally $25, Now $11 (56% Discount)
10L Bullet Ruck – Originally $175, Now $95 (46% Discount)
Brick Bag – Originally $75, Now $45 (40% Discount)
HCL Shirt – Originally $20, Now $12 (40% Discount)
Radio Ruck (Multi-Cam) – Originally $230, Now $150 (35% Discount)
GR1 – Originally $295, Now $195 (34% Discount)
Spearhead Zip Hoodie – Originally $45, Now $30 (33% Discount)

Check out the GORUCK Steals And Deals page now!



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