Mission: Get Logs Placed In New AO


5 spirited and excited SPEARHEAD men had 1 mission with several objectives today at our new Tuesday AO (Boyce Park via. McAlpine Greenway Sardis Rd and Old Bell).  1) Get a great training Log from the Pile at Old Bell, 2) Ruck Log to Boyce Park in 20 Minutes, 3) Suffer through intense Hill work, 4)Log PT and 5) Time Hack back to Old Bell by 06:15.  Outcome…All objectives met and exceeded expectations!

The Thang

Mosey to stack of freshly cut down trees

Objective #1: Pick out perfect 5 man Log

Objective #2: Ruck Log to Boyce Park in 20 minutes

Result: 16:46 seconds – Great work team.  Reward (see Objective #3, hehe)

Objective #3: Hill Work

P1  “Strapless Ruck” – Sprint down paved hill 1/4 miles to bottom, turn around, sprint back up.  Total 1/2 Mile Hill Run

P2 Non-Stop Burpees until P2 returns


Result: SMOKED! Reward (see Objective #4)

Objective #4: TEAM Log PT

– Push-ups on Log x 40

– Overhead Press Shoulder to Shoulder x 20

– Hold Press x 30 Seconds

– Team Log Squats x 30

– Flutter Kick Over Log x 50

– Seal Team Team Sit Ups x 33

Result: Smoked. Reward (See Objective #5)

Objective #5: Time Hack Back to Old Bell in 12 Minutes

Result: Goal Achieved 11:52 seconds



Awesome work all around team!  The worst part for me was the hill work.  T-Claps to BTB who OWNED that hill.  He beat me and BLC by at least a minute….that man is a power walking machine!

Dora came out to the new AO today with a new look….may take some time to get used to so if you haven’t seen it, make sure to get out here next week as he is up for Q next Tuesday at the new AO.  I promise it will be one that you will not want to miss!

Clueless continues to be the most interesting person I’ve ever known.  Does anyone remember the exact quote he made today in regards to Humans being units of measure, or something like that??

BLC and I are doing the GRC again Friday….and the new rule is it’s going to be a “silent” challenge.  If interested to see what that is like, come on out and shadow.

Sorry for the late post as work took all my time today…go figure, I actually have to work at the job and can’t mess around with posts….the new boss is Intense…lol.

As always, TY for letting me Q again and for coming out to the new AO!

Respectfully – The Hoff



  1. Great work today, Hoff. The “new” Dora approves highly of the new AO. Looking forward to really breaking it in next week. #woetothee That was a three-man log pretending to be a five-man log. How else can you explain making that time hack with over 3 minutes to spare? Oh yeah, SPEARHEADs are beasts.

    “A man is not a standard unit of measure.” – Clueless

  2. Great work out there today by all. Great Q. I love how creative we can get in this new area. Looking forward to next week.

    Thursday morning at 0515 – we need to get a team together to move at least one more log up to Boyce Park. I think we can get two up there in an hour. Can we get some HCs to help on here?

  3. Great Q, Hoff.
    Guys, I really enjoyed the workout.
    Dora, thanks for remembering, I sometimes go blank.
    ‘Measure’ is intended in the sense of work capacity or power
    e.g. horsepower.
    Love the new AO.

  4. I plan to be there Thurs for my first post at Spearhead. Coming in from The Fort. I should be there w/Ruck. New location correct?

    • Awesome! Looking forward to it!

      This Thursday will be a bit of an atypical post since our primary goal is simply to move logs from one place to another. Typically we will try to mix it up a little more than that. We are just trying to “move in” to our new location ;-)

  5. Big League Chew on

    Cobra Kai, Thursdays you will be posting alone. I believe unless I’m wrong. Only Tuesday at the new AO. Great lead Hoff. Had the endorphins kicking in for me. Looking forward to the Challenge. As far as going “silent,” myself , Hoff and David Mickus are the only GRT’s I know of. The plan is to play dumb during the Challenge, offering no direction or warning others of what is to come and let the newbies figure it out and make decisions so they can embrace the full misery and earn their patch. If we get punished so be it. 50 or a hundred more squats or pushups ant nothing. we gotta let the new guys experience as much punishment and mind games the Cadre want to deliver. Of course when called upon we should do our best for the team always. If Cadre makes some false promise about dropping the log, I want the newbies to think they are really gonna drop it only to be met with more and heavier coupons. As far as MDora and MDK well they got this. They know what to expect and are practically GRT already. But I know couple of them got no idea. I just hope it’s as tuff as Cadre Dakota and 815! That’s the only non-custom I can compare it to. 815 was no joke! It’s an honor to pt with you guys and an honor to earn another patch with The Hoff!

    • This week we are bringing back Thursday to move another log or two up to Boyce Park – but you are correct, the regularly scheduled Thursday is not currently on the schedule. It will come back closer to the next challenge training season.

      This Thursday 0515 at Sardis road. BLC we will see you there, right?!

  6. BLC…you are right that Thursdays are cancelled. However this Thursday announced a mission to meet out there and gather logs.

  7. Thanks all! I’m straight on the schedule , I will be there Thurs to get some log time in, greet and meet. Looking forward to it.

  8. Great workout this am gents. Honored to be a part of Team Spearhead. Look forward to the next one and getting sharper! “..iron sharpens iron…” Prov 27:17

    • Great! 8/9 is not an F3 ONLY custom – it is a custom GORUCK Light but we have it open to more than just F3. The idea will be to raise as much money as possible and as much awareness as possible for the Charlotte Bridge Home. It is going to be awesome!

  9. Cobra…I’m IN for the Chapel Hill Challenge. I’ll be there with you and looking forward to training with you over the next couple months…see how this works with TeamSPEARHEAD…once 1 guy signs up then we all have to, LOL!

  10. BTB, gotcha on the Light. Looks to be a good time! Hoping to clear the schedule to make the Beer Ruck too! Hoff, that’s fantastic!

  11. You guys could cosider signing up for GRC ABSOC in VA Beach in July.

    ABSOC : logs replaced by boats

    Brian Lohr has a nice aar of absoc on his alldayruckoff.com site.

  12. I’m going to try to make it out tonight to see the kick-off and get some familiarity. Make sure I got my info straight. This is a Challenge at Freedom Park, Princeton end @ 9:00?

  13. I only intend to watch the first hour or so to see how it gets started and that’s it. I want to save everything else for my own 1st time experience.
    I’ll yield to the voice of the experienced if you think watching the start of the light as being the pretty much the same. I understand the brick requirement is different.

    Thanks again guys!

    • CK, if you want my honest opinion (I know you didn’t ask for it) I would counsel you to not really witness any part of any GORUCK event before your first one…including Lights (I know that’s contrary to my suggestion above). The SPEARHEAD guys will tell you how passionate I am about the experience and keeping it as pure as possible for the new folks. I believe if you step into your event like that you are going to learn more about yourself and what it means to be a part of a team in a more impactful way. Granted, I am a utopian and a purist, so I know other guys won’t fully agree with me on this. I like your style. I already know you’re going to be fundamentally changed by your experience and I can already tell you’re going to fall in love with this business and become a dyed-in-the-wool SPEARHEAD. You don’t need to see anything. You’re going to crush your event. Trust me. If you *really* want to come out and get a little taste, think about coming out around 8pm and spending an hour or so meeting other GRTs and the people in the event and watching the team assemble and get their Cadre briefing, but then step out and head home when they start to get down to business. Think of it like Christmas. Enjoy the shopping but don’t peek. This is just Dora’s $0.02. :)

  14. I’m sold! I’ll just hold out and get my experience during my own GRC.

    Appreciate the input. Good luck to all (tonight and tomorrow)

    • I agree with Dora on this actually. I wouldn’t go to shadow a GRC before I had done one. In fact, I thought that being GRT was “required” to shadow back when I was preparing for my first.

      If you want to know what it’s about, actually DO a light yourself – not shadow. I don’t see any problem with completing a GRL before a GRC. And you are 100% ready to crush a light today… Maybe you can sign up for tomorrow’s light ;-)

  15. Nothing like the knot in your stomach the first time. Welcome to the club CK. You are in goods hands. Those south guys are…obsessed. They will get your body ready, you have to get your mind ready. Strength, Endurance, Stamina, Feet, Gear, Cold, Wet, Hydration, Heavy, Logs. Get to know that list well

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