CBH Gets The D123


Date: 23 April 2014

Team Leader: Lyell P

Team: Tom E, Howard D, Amy P, Matt M, Shawn K (ruck), Peter S, Rick T (ruck), Blake B (ruck), Lyell P (TL)

Nine tough kids showed up for another installment of the Charlotte Bridge Home workout. Here’s how it went…


– 25 Side-straddle Hops (in cadence)
– 15 Imperial Walkers (in cadence)
– 15 Mountain Climbers (in cadence)
– Karaoke up and down the parking lot

Fast Mosey up 7th, to N. Caswell:
– Plank-o-rama while team reassembles

Mosey up N. Caswell, right on Greenway, to Independence Park, partner up for Dora 1-2-3:
– Partner 1 sprints to N. Caswell and back
– Partner 2 does AMRAP for said exercise
– Flapjack
– Keep Flapjacking to reach target total reps
– Total reps are per team
– Plank between sets for all teams to finish.

  • Round 1 — 100 push-ups
  • Round 2 — 200 LBCs
  • Round 3 — 300 Squats*
  • *Audibled the squats to 200-ish as most teams forgot they were going to 300…

Keep teams together for Garden Sprint Circuit:
– Partner 1 sprints around the garden
– Partner 2 does Mountain Climbers
– Flapjack

Mosey back south on Greenway under noise discipline to the DAOD (Dark Alley Of Death) for:
– Bear Crawls past the evil eyes to the 2nd landscape light
– Crab Walks from the 2nd light all the way back to 7th*
*We’re going to keep doing this until everyone can crab walk the whole way :)

Mosey back to CBH for 3MOM (3 Minutes Of Mary):
– 25 Flutter Kicks (in cadence)
– 15 Ski Abs (in cadence)
– 15 Hello Dollys (in cadence)
– Recover


Sorry for the late post, team, but I can’t seem to find my legs and had a hard time using my lips to crawl over to the keyboard. Strong work by all, especially those who worked out the night before, and all those who showed up early for a Shawn K. kettlebell pre-workout. Good thing we did legs today, huh?

Big events for several team members this weekend. Blake B. will be running a 200-mile relay race this weekend, and Amy P. and Shawn K. will be participating in their first and fourth respective GORUCK Challenges this Friday. #Beastmode, y’all. Be safe and crush it.

An honor to lead this fine team once again. Can’t wait until next week.


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