Log Moving Day Quickly Changed to a SPEARHEAD


6 Men came out early to the new AO to help gather more logs so that we could have a pile up at Boyce Park that we could use anytime for Log Rucks and Log PT.  Team Lead was overly excited btw about having our own pile of heavy trees to carry (more on that later)…but all that changed last night when we got an email from our first FNG to SPEARHEAD’s new AO saying that he’d like to come and check out what we do.  So without heistation, Team Lead Shawn Kelly aka. The Hoff, and Rick Tanner aka Bob the Builder, began texting (like a couple of teenage girls) with ideas on how to structure the workout for today.

The Team: Cobra Kai (FNG), Bob the Builder, Angler, Dora, Clueless, The Hoff (Team Lead)

The Thing:

Objective #1:   Move with a purpose to Boyce Park (via McAlpine Creek Greenway) in 15 minutes

– Coupon: 65Lbs Bonecrusher Sandbag

– 05:10 Arrive at Greenway

– 05:15 Ruck out

Result:     (14:11 time) Time Hack Reached!

Reward:     Overhead Log Press with Holds x 20

Objective #2:         Ruck Log 1/4 Mile down hill and 1/4 up hill in 7 minutes

– 4:00 minutes Log made it down hill

–  Good teamwork award, Team Lead added 1 minute

– Ruck log up hill double-time

Result: (3:54)

Reward: 20 count to catch breath

Objective #3:     Log Work- Teambuilding 

-4 Men on Log; 1 Man off log sprint to Soccer Goal and retrieve 65lbs Bonecrusher)

– Team Push Ups Hands on Log while moving to the right (push up then while in plank move 1 arm step to right)

– Man 1 gets back, hands off Bonecrusher to teammate, then gets on the log

– Once there is no log left to do push ups on (while moving to the right) Bear Crawl back to the front of the log

– Cycle through until all have sprinted with Bone Crusher

Objective #4:     Team Low Crawl with Log Roll

– As team, 5 Men Low Crawl on stomach while pushing the log on the ground

– Keep log moving at all times

– Keep log straight

Infraction!  Log way too crooked

Penalty: 8 Count Body Builders x 15

Objective #5:     Find a way to get Log on your stomach while laying on back

Log Push Up Press with Holds x 30

Shimmy, Shim Shim with Log

Log Curls x 15

Objective #6:     Double-time back to start point in 12 minutes

– 2 minutes to return Log to woods and sprint back

– 10 minutes to ruck back to start point with Bonecrusher

Result: Failed.  14 minutes (2 minutes late)



Excellent work out there today.  You killed it!  As being in Taper mode it was really nice to see the workout from a different perspective.  Its eye-opening to be in the position I was in today;  to dish out the pain and see such strong men accomplish what you did was amazing.  The best moment for me was to see the team come together during the Shimmy Shim  Shim.  Dora commanded his leadership with his experience in log PT which paid off well.  What was seen as an impossible task was quickly a reality.  Without any complaints, the team came together and simply did the work.

Cobra – Great seeing you out there and I hope you liked what we are all about.  You fit right in and we welcome you anytime you’d like to train.

BTB is on a mission to be the fastest big man alive.  This guy can move!  Clueless was not clueless at all, and Angler moved better than a lot of men I’ve seen 1/3 his age.

As always, it is an honor to lead you today and your efforts were exceptional.

Respectfully, The Hoff aka Shawn Kelly



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