SPEARHEAD Hunger Games


Date: 29 April 2014

Team Leader: Dora

Team: Angler (WD), Bob The Builder, Culkin, The Hoff, Cobra Kai, Liquor-Cycle (Kotters), Clueless, Dora (TL)

The weather held off for a few more hours and so eight SPEARHEADS gathered at the Sardis entrance to the McAlpine greenway to get after it. The Hoff arranged to have a nice pile of logs waiting for us when we arrived. Once a suitable log was selected the team shouldered it and struck out to get after it. Here’s how it went down…


– 7 team members on the log, TL up front. Head down to Weir #1 under light discipline. Hey, where’s Dora’s ruck?
– Cross Weir #1 and head up to Boyce Park under noise discipline
– Arrive at Boyce Park, ground the log and pay 10 decline push-ups off the log for breaking noise discipline
– TL instructs the log team to send a detail to secure the other log, 20 second time hack.
– Team meets the time hack, but instead of sending a detail, the entire team went, leaving their log asset undefended. Pay 10 decline push-ups off the log.
– Split into 2 log teams, Log A and Log B, and carry the logs across the field to the “Log PT pit” (sandy spot) near the “obstacle course” (kiddie playground).

In tribute to this weekend’s GORUCK Challenge Class 990, we proudly introduce the:

The SPEARHEAD Hunger Games

The SPEARHEAD Hunger Games consists of continuous Log PT by both teams in the pit while one individual completes the obstacle course. Log PT continues until every team member completes the obstacle course.

Obstacle Course
– 10 box jumps on the stone bench
– Sprint to playground 1
– Run up the long slide
– Crab walk across the deck
– Slide headfirst down the short slide
– Sprint to playground 2
– Shimmy UP the fireman’s pole
– Slide headfirst down the S-slide
– Sprint around the back and thread the needle, twice, head first.
– Run up the stairs
– Slide down macaroni slide
– Sprint back to the Log Pit.
10 push-up penalty for any obstacle not completed

Log PT (in cadence, first set 10 reps, second set 9 reps, etc.)
– Log Overhead press
– Log Squat
– Decline push-ups off the log
– Flutter kicks over the log
– Left Shoulder log lean
– Right Shoulder log lean

Each man completed the course and nearly 2 sets of Log PT were completed.

– Shoulder the logs and put away the toys.
– Quick mosey out of the park and back to the launch point.



Logs, logs, logs, logs, logs, logs, logs, and more logs. We loves us some logs. Big thanks to The Hoff for contacting the crew working on the greenway project and getting us a big ol’ pile of wood to play with. Gotta admit, there was a decent bit of trepidation among the SPEARHEADs when they saw the size of the logs they left for us, but a team always accomplishes more, and we picked out a nice brother for our other log.

There was nothing easy about today’s Log PT, but if Log PT were easy I wouldn’t want to do it. Those logs were heavy, but TRUST ME when I tell all of you that you haven’t even scratched the surface of what you can really lift and move when you work as a team and have confidence in your abilities. I hope lifting that last log after COT showed you that you’re able to do more than the logs says you can do. The logs we had at Ft. Bragg were way heavier, and it doesn’t matter how long or thick they were nor how many people were on each log. What matters is the weight you’ve got in your own hands and what you’re going to do with it.

Great to have Liquor-Cycle, SPEARHEADs resident jester, back in the team, and it was great to see Cobra Kai again at his second SPEARHEAD post.

Congrats to The Hoff and Big League Chew for completing their FOURTH GORUCK Challenge this past weekend, Class 990 with Cadre Doug and Cadre Jason. There are now only three people in all of SPEARHEAD/F3 who have completed that many Challenges. Their patch collections are growing non-stop. It’s high time for a Heavy, boys! Not to mention SPEARHEAD needs to select a team, identify a support group, and pick an HCL event to start training for.

Hopefully we’ll see some of the other team members from #GRC990 joining us soon!

Dora out.


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