CBH Meets The Beast


Date: 30 April 2014
Team Leader: Lyell P
Team: Howard D (WD), Matt M, Shawn K, Rick T, Blake B, Matt F (FNG, WV, WB), Lyell P (TL)

Rain? What rain?


– 25 Side-straddle Hops (in cadence)
– 15 Imperial Walkers (in cadence)
– 15 Mountain Climbers (in cadence)
– 10 Push-ups

Fast Mosey up 7th, to N. Caswell:
– Plank-o-rama while team reassembles

Mosey up N. Caswell, right on Greenway, to Independence Park, partner up for Garden Sprint Circuit:
– Partner 1 sprints around the garden
– Partner 2 does AMRAP stated exercise until P1 returns
– Flapjack
– Plank between sets for all teams to finish.

  • Round 1 — Squats
  • Round 2 — Jump Squats
  • Round 3 — Mountain Climbers
  • Round 4 — Peter Parkers
  • Round 5 — Burpees

Line up at the end of Greenway for The Beast:
– Run up Greenway stopping 3 times
– 6 reps of each exercise at each stop
– Return back to the start, stopping at the same spots for 6 more reps of each exercise

  • Round 1 — Pushups
  • Round 2 — Bicycles
  • Round 3 — Half-set of Squats/Squat Thrusts/Squat Thrusts

Mosey back south on Greenway under noise discipline to the DAOD (Dark Alley Of Death) for:
– Bear Crawls past the evil eyes to the 2nd landscape light
– Crab Walk minimum 20 steps, then lunge walk back to 7th

Mosey back to CBH for 6MOM (6 Minutes Of Mary):
– 15 Hello Dollys (in cadence)
– 15 Ski Abs (in cadence)
– 15 Rosalitas (High Hello Dollys) (in cadence, en Espanol)
– 25 Flutter Kicks (in cadence)
– Recover


Strong work today, folks. Lots of legs as has been the norm to date, which is a good break for all those who showed up early to swing some KBs with Shawn K. Although I guess y’all’s legs weren’t blown out too bad because when Matt F. and I recovered from the Crab Walks there was no one around. Guess y’all sprinted off down 7th because me and Matt were going so slow! Can’t blame you, but I’ll fix that next week. Promise! Nice work by all during the Garden Sprints, too. I swear we got faster each time around.

Thanks to Shawn K. for sneaking a little Makhtar N’Diaye in on the TL after Round 5 of the Garden Sprints, and for calling the exercises for the last round of The Beast. Thanks also to Matt F. for the 10-count after The Beast.

Speaking of Matt F., big welcome to him for his first workout with the SPEARHEAD team! Shawn K. found Matt crushing the GORUCK Challenge Class 990 this weekend so we invited him out for some more good livin’ SPEARHEAD-style. Great work on your first day, Matt, and congrats to you, Shawn K. and Amy P. on your GORUCK Tough patches this past weekend. Also big congrats to Blake B. on his 200 mile relay race last weekend. That’s a ton of miles to roll with your team. Hope you left the ruck at home.

Beasts, the lot of ya.


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