The Hoff VS Mr. Hankey with Angler as Referee


3 Men gathered today at SPEARHEAD for a Battle Royle, Royal Rumble, Bash at the Beach, Wrestle Mainia, etc. kind of beat down between 2 men.  1 seeking the title and the other defending.  Who will come out Champion?  Angler graciously was nominated our referee. 

The Thang:

* ALL work done with 45Lbs in Rucks (Hoff Brought Weight Plates to even it out)

Warm up:

SSH x 20

Burpees x 15

1/4 Mile Run Around Track

4 Rounds of Track Pain for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship!

     – Each Lane represents new exercise

     – Once complete move to next lane and #dowork

     – First one finishes wins

Round 1:

Lane 1: Ruck Front Squat x 25

Lane 2: Ruck Press x 25

Lane 3: Ruck Row x 25

Lane 4: Ruck Bicep Curl x 25

Lane 5: Sprint 1/4 Mile

Round 1 Winner: Hoff

Round 2 (Hankey Q):

Lane 1: Elbow Plank Crawl (only elbows and feet touch ground) x 100 (25 x 4 paces up, 4 paces back)

Lane 2: Plank Jack w. Push-ups x 25

Lane 3: Parker Peter x. Push-ups x 25

Lane 4: Burpee x 30

Lane 5: Sprint 1/4 Mile

Round 2 Winner: Hankey

Round 3:

Lane 1: Diamond Push-ups x 25

Lane 2: Wide Push-ups x 25

Lane 3: Push-ups x 25

Lane 4: NEGATIVE Push-ups x 25 (these were HORRIBLE…5 second negative each rep)

Lane 5: Sprint 1/4 Mile

Round 3 Winner: Tie

Round 4:

Lane 1: Monkey Humpers x 25

Lane 2: Monkey Humpers x 25

Lane 3: Monkey Humpers x 25

Lane 4: Monkey Humpers x 25

Lane 5: Sprint 1/4 Mile

Round 4 Winner: Hankey

Hankey Crowned SH Champion!!!



Today was about simply crushing it.  Mr. Hankey proved to be the better man by a LONG shot.  I attribute my lack of energy to the No Carb Diet but not to take anything away from Hankey as even at my best, he would have killed me.  This guy is on a completely different level…I guess being 26 gives you that extra gear.  Nice work out there brother.

Get ready for his routine when he gets to Q…those elbow plank crawls were brutal and it just got worse and worse!

As always, Angler is the most reliable person I know.  He show’s up every week injured or in pain and works through it #DFQ!

Again, it was a pleasure to lead you men today and I am looking forward to more SPEARHEAD sessions like this to come.

Respectfully, The Hoff



  1. It was the hardest thing I’ve done in a while. Nothing other than your forearms and toes allowed to touch ground…he had us doing 4 steps forward and 4 steps back…over and over until wr hit 100. Then plank jack Push-ups, Parker Peter Push-ups…horrible. Lol

  2. Heckuva a thing to do an old man Brother. Then again, @Angler doesn’t know he’s an old man, so I guess its OK.

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