R2’s First SPEARHEAD Post…Kind of Like Dagobah?


Had we planned it out better, TL would have recreated the famous scene from Empire with R2 being launched from the swamp…just need to find a large snake that could spit us out once swallowed #notlikely, but I bet Cadre Doug could rig us up a large potato cannon that could hurl a human…Also, I mean how cool is it to have a Star Wars name?  Can I get mine changed to Vader please…lol.  Ok, so training at SH many times makes one look like R2’s photo, as we get down and dirty! 

Team Lead: Shawn K. (aka The Hoff)

The Team: Jonathan B. (SPEARHEAD FNG aka. R2D2), Lee F (aka Cobra Kai), Peter S. (aka Clueless), Scooter H. (aka Liquor Cycle)


The Workout:

05:15 Grab Coupons (45lbs Kettle Bell, 45Lbs Sandbag, 65lbs Bone Crusher) and Ruck to Park

05:25-05:50 PT Beat down

–          Team of 4 (Clueless modified since working through injury)

–          3 coupons used as weights

–          Non-Stop exercise with coupons

–          1 Man was timer doing the ramp and back to team

–          3 rounds with each man going once

Round 1:

Timer: Bear Crawl around and up ramp, back to stage

Exercise: Squats with Coupons and Rucks

X 4 cycles


Round 2:

Timer: Crab Walk around and up ramp, back to stage

Exercise: Overhead Ruck Press / Push ups

X 4 cycles


Round 3:

Timer: Duck Walk around and up ramp, back to stage

Exercise: Bicep Curl (coupons); Tricep Extension (coupons)

X 4 cycles


Catch Me If You Can Around Pond  

Round 1:

P1 Farmer Carry Rucks; P2 (5) 8 Count Body Builders

P2 Sprint to P1, Flapjack (trade work all the way around track)



Round 2:

P1 Farmer Carry Rucks; P2 (25) Crunches

P2 Sprint to P1, Flapjack all the way around track


Belly, Back, Feet x 3

Grab Coupons Ruck Back to SP


Jumping over Ruck Mountain Climbers x 10 in Cadence (this was actually 40 reps)

Dolly with Ruck Press x 15 in Cadence (this was actually 30 reps)

Flutter with Ruck Press x 15 in Cadence (this was actually 30 reps)



Strong work out there in the humid gloom.  Our FNG killed it out there and was a true example of DFQ.  SPEARHEAD is a totally different beast than the way most people train.  It takes some time to “Assimilate” but after a few weeks it will all get a lot easier.  

TL has to admit, it was a little tempting to get full use of that Pond, but didn’t want to rock the boat just yet.  A course on water-proofing Rucks would be wise and if done correctly it will actually float…just sayin. 

It was great to see everyone out there this morning and as we approach the Challenge on June 13th, our training will need to get more and more specialized…stay tuned. 

As always, it was a pleasure and an honor leading this group of men today.

Respectfully, Shawn K. aka The Hoff


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