COREfest 2014


Date: 28 May 2014
Team Leader: Lyell P (Dora)
Team: Rick T (Bob The Builder), Matt F (Mr Hanky), Blake B (Mog), Lyell P (Dora, TL)

With a few SPEARHEAD regulars on IR only four interprid meatheads showed up for this morning’s beatdown, which just meant that everyone was going to do double-work. So this is what we did.


– 25 4-count Side-straddle Hops
– 10 Single-leg lunges forward
– 10 Single-leg lunges backward

Mosey out of the CBH parking lot, up 7th, down Caswell to our favorite pain fields for…

COREfest 2014
– 4-person team
– P1 executes a timing exercise while P2, P3, and P4 execute the core/plank exercise
– When P1 completes the timing exercise P2 starts the timing exercise while the rest of the team executes the next core/plank exercise
– Repeat for all 4 team members
– 3 Rounds

Round 1
– Timing Exercise: 200 yard run
– Team Exercises: plank taps, two-point planks, donkey-kick planks, around-the-world planks

Round 2
– Timing Exercise: 30 Air squats
– Team Exercises: plank up-downs, walking planks, parker-peters, front leaning rest

Round 3
– Timing Exercise: 14 Single-leg lunges forward and backward
– Team Exercise: push-up-o-rama, (some type of push-up), thread-the-needle push-ups, regular push-ups

Mosey back to CBH parking lot by way of Caswell and 7th.
Jailbreak on 7th, winners drop for Flutter Kicks until the team reassembles

– 15 4-count Flutter Kicks (Winners did more)
– 15 4-count Bicycle Crunches
– 11 4-count Louganis


We missed the rest of our team today with Angler getting his knee looked at, Clueless healing his back, Rapunzel on Tri training and Hoff, well, TMI for this venue anyway. Nonetheless the four of us forged ahead anyway representing as best we could to crush our cores.

Building the body’s core is central to overall fitness ability and we did our best to smoke them as much as possible. Once we got to the push-ups our AO got a bit noisier as our cores wore out and our shoulders started smoking as well. Push-up-o-rama was the kicker on this one. We had to do constant push-ups of any kind except a regular push-up and you could not do any kind back-to-back. It’s a tough road that I learned from Jason Rhymer (Byron) who regularly trains Rapunzel and Big League Chew. It’s just a lot of tough movement and stresses out core and shoulders really well.

BTB and Mog gutted it out and kept really good form, especially during the walking planks which are not what you think and are even harder than that. I could tell because I was doing squats and didn’t have to do them. :) Mr. Hanky got to be the timer during pus-up-o-rama missed out on all the goodness, but he made up for it on the thread-the-needle push-ups by adding an extra push-up during the ‘thread’ part. Strong work and a great instance of leadership.

Nice jailbreak by the team, with yours truly left in the dust. That may or may not explain why I let you all do flutter kicks so long after I got back.

It’s always an honor to lead this team. Can’t wait until next week so we can do it again, and hopefully with the rest of our team all healed up.


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