GORUCK Beached 2014 AAR – Tyler Danielson


Who in their right mind would attempt to take on GORUCK’s capstone water event, Beached, without knowing how to swim?

Tyler Danielson of MudderCam.com would, that’s who.

To answer your first question, No, I did not grow up around a pool/lake/ocean/puddle like many, if not all of my friends did. I had the opportunity to do so, but not often. So I grew up with the strong ability to doggy-paddle, and I made that my strong stroke. I can, and will, do a normal overhand stroke, if necessary, but not for an extended period of time. Realizing I needed to be at least a sufficient swimmer for Beached, I did the only thing I knew possible to practice. I joined a gym. But not just any gym, I joined LA Fitness. Why? Because they had a pool, I had a week, and they gave me a 10 day free trial :)

Read about Tyler’s GORUCK Beached experience on the MudderCam.com website here, and don’t miss his hilarious Beached memes: http://muddercam.com/2014/05/goruck-beached-2014-aar/.


About GORUCK Beached from the GORUCK website:

Beached is a 3-day submersion into the world of special amphibious operations taught by current and former Special Operations soldiers (GORUCK Cadre). You and your team will learn amphibious skills based on actual special operations and training exercises conducted by the GORUCK Cadre in their careers. Whether you are a professional diver or an inexperienced swimmer, your Cadre will ensure that you walk away with new skills and the ability to thrive in an amphibious environment. Beached does not make you into a special operator, however you will emerge with greater skills and appreciation for the underwater world of Special Operations.

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