Pavement Punisher


Date: 5/29/2014
Team Leader: Cobra Kai
Team Members: The Hoff, Cobra Kai, Sasquatch, FNG’S (To Be Named)

Today was the first of the lunchtime SPEARHEAD workouts to be launched at Cobra Kai’s home A.O. We can hence refer to as the Renni A.O. as it backs up to and inside of Renaissance Park off Tyvola Rd.

PAX met in C.K.’s gym and moved two rucks, 2-70lb dumbbells, 1-70lb kettle bells (kb), 1-55lb kb, 1-35lb kb down to the lower parking lot where the pull-up bar is located. T.L. laid out the plan.

The Workout:

3 – Rounds
R1, 200m sprint (out and back), R2, bearcrawl, Repeat
9 – Pull Ups
12 – Kb swings, run to picnic tables
15 – Box Jumps on picnic tables, run back
100m Farmer Carry w/70lb dumbbells.
25lb iron plate Hairburners across parking lot surface

It was a hot day in the sun on the parking lot but the guys all muscled through the workout! Hoff’s suggestion and demonstration of the hairburners had a lot of grumbling but turned into a crowd favorite!! Just a little skin and blood was lost.
In the end we kicked off the lunchtime workout w/a solid parking lot sweat session. DIS/GFB!! Drenched in sweat/Gasping for Breath!
This A.O. offers this location as well as woods and logs! Excited about what we have to offer here for a good living lunch and learn!

Hard work by all! Pleasure to lead.


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