Don’t Feed the Animals


Date: 5/30/2014
Team Leader: Cobra Kai
Team Members: The Hoff, Cobra Kai, Mr Hanky, BLC, Sasquatch, AP

Good morning in the gloom to ramp up the heart rates of TeamSPEARHEAD w/some animal work mixed w/some personal logs.

The Workout:

Retrieve logs from the woods and head to the football field!
-Logs on the 50! Group returns to Goal Line.
Animal work No.1…the Bear
Partner up. P1 begins doing (8) count bodybuilders, P2 Bearcrawls to log and returns w/log at 50yrd line. Switch, P2 returns log to 50 and Bearcrawls back while P1 does the (8) counts.

Animal Work No.2 – The Crab
Crabwalk to log at 50yrd line and bring back while P2 does flutter kicks/hello dolly 4-count combinations w/rucks to front. Switch, P2 returns log to 50 and Crabwalks back while P1 does the kicks/dolly combo.

Lunge Work.
Lunge walk to 50 yrd line and return with log while partner does air squats, switch and repeat.

Everyone recovers by doing Moroccan night clubs (A favorite at The Fort)

Animal Work No.3 – The tortoise or the Hare; Which one will you be!
Merkins Team Goal: 200-Merkins. TL explains that P1 begins the merkins, P2 jogs w/ruck on, end zone to end zone. Upon return, P2 takes over at the merkins count of P1. Continue this until Team Goal of 200 is reached! Selection Standard!! Knees hit, count is over until partner returns!

Continue on to the track:
P1 drops his ruck, takes off around track (400m) for run. P2 does tabata work, (20sec on, 10sec off) until P1 returns. Rinse and repeat. The work is this: Thrusters with rucks.

This morning brought out A.P. and Sasquatch to get in some beast mode training, SPEARHEAD style. Great to have these guys! We work to train out the pain and this morning was no exception. Strong work by everyone as SH continues to build warriors. COT and closed out with the Pledge of Allegiance (We hear it could make an appearance at the upcoming F3 Custom Challenge.


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