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Attention, team SPEARHEAD!!!

We have just adopted four US Marine recruits stationed at Parris Island who are not receiving ANY mail at all while in basic training. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to choose one or more of the recruits below and write them a letter RIGHT NOW! These recruits are sacrificing for service to our country, and have chosen to step into a spartan life of service to protect our freedoms and defend the weak. The US Marines are “First To Fight” so let’s have team SPEARHEAD be “FIRST TO WRITE!”

Below is the email we received from Len Qualls, the father of a recruit who is in the same platoon as these four recruits we’ve adopted. Names and addresses of the recruits are below.
Post in the comments below, or send us a tweet, or post on our facebook page and let us know WHO you are going to write to and post back when you’ve mailed your letter.

While you do that, head over to our fundraising page and give $5 or more to help team SPEARHEAD send the platoon a couple cases of PowerBars! Donate here!

Thank you for your selfless act of patriotism and kindness. These four Marine Recruits are unfortunately not receiving mail. I’m assured this, as my son is a recruit as well, and I’m part of a Facebook page for USMC Recruit families and we were made aware of these stand alone Marine Recruits from an inside source..

It is unclear whether these recruits have families or not, but it is for certain they do not receive mail.
Ask any Marine Recruits and they’ll tell you that receiving a letter at mail call is like getting presents Christmas morning. If youd like to receive a letter back, you may enclose a self addressed stamped envelope, or simply a book of stamps. The recruits have to go to the PX to purchase their stamps if they get time (unlikely amd costly).

Please do not refer to them as Marine, or soldier, as that is disrespectful, and they are not yet Marines. Please do not semd bad news, pornography, or bulk mail, as it is not allowed, and could get them in trouble. If you want to send them a box of power bars, they are allowed, but you must semd 100, for everyone in the platoon.
Each recruit is in the same battalion, company, and platoon, so their address is the same. Simple change the RCT name depending on whom you write and how often. They may receive mail every day! Even a post card woyld go a long way. Do not send a Hallmark card. They are frowned upon because the company is anti-guns. Marines dislike Hallmark.

Fyi- these men graduate on July 11, 2014. RCT means recruit.

Their names are as follows:
RCT. Mann
RCT. Khan
RCT. Bernard
RCT. Kwong

(RCT name here)
3rd RTBN Kilo Co. Plt. 3054
PO Box 16335
Parris Island, SC 29905-6335

Thanks again Spearhead, for your selflessness


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