Got Tire?


Date: 6/19/2014
Team Leader: Cobra Kai
Team Members: The Hoff, Simba, Clyde, CheapTrick, S^2, Hamm, GreenMachine, Cobra Kai (TL), FNG Ma-Bell, FNG PayDay

In the words of Cadre Aaron “Check it out”

There are 10 stations of work; PAX will perform each exercise as explained until the individual w/Bonecrusher (The Timer) returns. Rotate. 2 – Rounds, 10 – Stations

Station 1: (The Timer) Load Bonecrusher (#60 sandbag) on ur back (With Ruck) fast mosey across parking lot and up stairway and return

Station 2: Rope Climb

Station 3: Bear Crawl (With Ruck)

Station 4: Tire Flip (350#) (With Ruck)

Station 5: Decline Pushups; feet on 24″ Plyo Box (With Ruck)

Station 6: Ring Dips

Station 7: Hair burners w/35# plate (With Ruck)

Station 8: Sled Pull (crowd favorite)

Station 9: Overhead Ruck Squats

Station 10: Flutter Kicks (With Ruck on stomach or overhead)

2 – 20min rounds, 5-min recovery for shade and hydration: 45 min of solid work!



Today was definitely a hot lunch plate special outside on the parking lot. A lot of sad clowns sitting in their cars watching us kill it. Reminds us how lucky we are to be able to do this and to have the physical capacity to push ourselves when sitting in a air-conditioned car would be more enjoyable. Ironically…..we are the ones enjoying it.
2 FNG’s came out today. 1 of which was a Friendly New GAL. Coworker of Hoff’s killed it! Tclaps to Ma-Bell for flipping that tire!! Strong! And to Payday for showing us how to drive that sled fast! Well done.
Thanks to Clyde and The Hoff for bringing out the props!

Fantastic training day all!

“There will be a day when you can no longer do this. That day was not today!”

Cobra Kai


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