Barbell Logs? YES!


Date: 6/24/14
Team Leader: Cobra Kai & Sasquatch
Team Members: Angler, The Hoff, BTB, Mr. Hanky, Saurus, Cobra Kai (TL), Sasquatch (TL)

5:15 Cobra Kai (TL) explains the first part of todays mission is to work decisively as a team to make quick decisions and execute. The plan: A different type of “log” carry to the Soccer Fields. 3 – 45# barbells and 240# of weight plates in varying sizes. Decide on how to load bars and carry in teams or singular switching as necessary at a quick pace, approximately .6 down Sardis Rd & Boyce Rd to James Boyce Park. This required awkward carry positions as the rucks interfere w/the plates and communication as line of sight is limited by the plates as well.

At Parking lot to Soccer Fields: Hand off TL to Sasquatch. Mosey to fields and drop rucks at one corner. Classic soccer drill; 4 Corners!…team SPEARHEAD style.
Round 1: Leave Ruck at corner 2, Go back to Corner 1, Sprint end line to corner 2, Ruck-on, lunge walk to half-field, slow jog to corner 3. Drop Ruck, slow jog back to corner 1.
Round 2: Sprint the end-line and side-line to corner 3, Ruck-on, lunge walk end-line to corner 4, slow jog back to corner 1.
Round 3: Sprint the end-line, side-line, and end-line to corner 4, Ruck-on, lunge walk to half-field, slow jog back to corner 1, Drop Ruck.
Round 4: Sprint around the entire field back to corner 1.

Cobra Kai resumes TL at baseball fields: Quick round of Fireman carry drills around bases, switch off as necessary to give everyone a chance to carry.

Mosey back to weighted logs. Partner up, P1 holds a plank while P2 places feet on P1’s back, on top of his ruck and performs 10-decline merkins. Switch.

New teams on weight logs and mosey back to parking lot. 1.2 miles in total!

6:15 COT

Awesome job by all this am! A good mix of cardio with weight. T-claps to Sasquatch for the Soccer drills. Awesome job of leaving us breathless and incorporating our rucks! Sprint races to the corners allowed us to push one another hard and regroup together at the rucks and move out again as a team.
Thank you for allowing us to lead this morning, being open to new ideas and the enthusiasm the group brings! Enthusiasm embodied in the picture above. Head Coach of Mexico’s Soccer team, Miguel Herrera. He brings it 10-fold!

“It never gets easier! You just get better!” – Anonymous

Cobra Kai


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