Find Tree, Cut Tree Town, Carry Tree



6 PAX/Spearhead arrived to GCC not sure if we were going to get to enjoy some rain or what the pre blast of “coupon retrieval that will make your mama proud meant……”

On one of my runs home from GCC on the road to nowhere I saw a tree that looked to have fallen down and was leaning against another.  I passed it another time thinking it would make a perfect coupon for Spearhead Friday, but never inspected the tree up close.

0513 – I drove down road to nowhere and dropped off a hand saw, last night I thought about dropping off chainsaw which in hindsight was the best tool for this…..

The Thang:

This was probably the easiest Spearhead workout, but maybe the most rewarding.

Partner up – P1 Farmer Carries both rucks while P2 does 10 Merkins then runs to catch P1.  Flapjack and repeat from front of church down road to nowhere.

Stop at woods and pick up saw, time to retrieve coupon.  We tried straps first to move the tree, oops it is still in the ground, then started cutting it close to ground.  These are the moments that define a team, do people start to say what are we doing? We can’t lift that…

We worked as a team to cut the tree, shook it, rammed it and used straps to bring it down from the tree it was leaning against. We then cut the other end to remove the fork/branches, picked it up multiple times slamming it to the ground to assist our crooked sawing…..

The tree looked too big to move with 6 guys, but we had Paul Bunyon/Blue Ox f/k/a Optimus and Winnebago, but everyone was in to move this beast, it was Metro’s first post to Spearhead and sure he was thinking these guys are crazy.  We then talked about previous GORUCK Challenges like 707 and 943 where we moved the impossible.


We carried the tree down to pull-up forest, dropped off for Blender, then ran to front of church.


No time for that, we just cut down a tree and carried it


– Winnebago has some A%$ out saw moves

– We think Optimus has a minor in Forestry, he owned the saw

– Dumb stuff like today defines teamwork and whether you will give up or step up and assist the team.

– Scrappy and 66 have no quit in them

– There were plenty of TWSS moments

– Does Cedar float, we could find out at the next Spearhead….



  1. Total blast, I always love SPEARHEAD workouts. Because it is either going to be really hard and/or we are going to do really stupid stuff and have off the charts 2nd F. We clearly have too much fun with that’s what she said comments. It enriches my soul.

    I love how no matter how unlikely it appeared that this thing would come down much less get moved no one gave a BS call. Love doing this dumbness with all of you men.

    Really missed Fonzie this morning.

  2. Nice alphabetizing of the PAX … so diplomatic…do you have a side job at the YMCA?

    Awesome 2nd F.

    Think Optimus said he was going to throw poison ivy on me at one point. I deserved it after rotating the log he was trying to cut.

    Metro must be a city slicker…staying away from the tree.

    I say the tree probably weighs about 400 lbs?

    Great coupon addition confirming GCC as NoCo’s number one house o’ pain….as if Bogey’s presence standing alone didn’t already confirm this. Stud.

  3. Oh, man I’m sorry I missed this! Sounds like a blast! I rucked to a nearby park, did stupid solo exercises & rucked back. No trees to carry, just bricks. #sadclown

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