IRON MILE as a Pre-Workout?


7 men seeking next level CSAUP stuff gathered at SPEARHEAD this morning and literally pushed weights plates for a Mile with a minimum of 45LBS Ruck,…as a Warm-up.

The Thang: 


–          45LBS Minimum Ruck Sack on each Pax

–          2 Teams of 3

–          Weight Plate

–          4 Laps = 1 Mile

–          P1 pushes plate until reaching complete exhaustion, P2 and P3 jog behind

–          P2 pushes plate until reaching complete exhaustion, P1 and P3 job behind

–          P3 pushes plate until reaching complete exhaustion, P1 and P2 jog behind

–          Rinse and repeat for a mile

05:28: Completion in 28 Minutes


The Thang:

 In Honor of the fallen soldiers of Operation Red Wing 6/28/05

–          6 Lanes (or Stations) on the Track

–          Each lane perform 28 reps of each exercise

–          Once a full round is completed sprint around track

–          Target 5 rounds in 30-45 minutes


Lane 1: Push-ups x 28

Lane 2: Sit ups x 28

Lane 3: Lunge Walk with Ruck Overhead Arms Locked Out x 28

Lane 4: Squat with Ruck Press x 28

Lane 5: Dead Lift Ruck x 28

Lane 6: Ruck KB Swing x 28



This was some varsity level stuff today men. Just the IRON MILE alone was brutal. Followed up by the 6.28.05 routine made us feel like we whipped. T-Claps to Daniel Son who was amazing pushing those plates. He and Hankey are now in the running for Selection so guys if you need help, we will be glad to put together a Selection plan for you…and don’t forget Liquor Cycle who might have the fastest plate push time ever and also my want to do Selection. Somone EH him into signing up!!

Please sound off below as I have a busy day and can’t type anymore.

Again it was an honor to lead such a strong group today. You are what makes Q’ing fun!

Respectfully, The Hoff




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