GORUCK 101 :: Part 1


Date: 7/16/2014

Team Leader: Lyell P. (Dora)

Team Members: Rick T. (BTB), Matt M. (Culkin), Shawn K. (The Hoff), Matt F. (Mr. Hanky), Howard D. (Angler), TJ (Hooker), Tianne S. (G.I.Sunshine), Jim D., Blake B. (Mog), Shipwreck, Drama, Lyell P. (Dora)

(12) posted for the first installment of GORUCK 101 at the Charlotte Bridge Home.  This was the first of three workouts dedicated to preparing for Red, Light, & Blue

Gear Review

  • You will need a backpack (ruck).  Any pack will do, but GORUCK packs are best.
    • Wear a ruck that fits you well
    • A waist belt is very helpful, and can be added to most bags
    • Get to know your ruck, practice taking it on and off quickly.
  • For any GORUCK event, you are required to carry bricks in your ruck.  For the GORUCK Light, the number of bricks is dependent on your weight as follows:
    • 4 bricks if you weigh over 150 pounds
    • 2 bricks if you weigh 150 pounds or under
  • Before being packed in your ruck, your bricks must be properly prepared.
    • Wrap your bricks with duct tape and bubble wrap.  (Wrapping Bricks Explained)
    • Write your name and phone number on each individual pack of bricks that you wrap
    • Consider putting your bricks in a waterproof dry bag such as the Sea To Summit 13L (Also available locally)
  • Get a water source.  We recommend a water bladder as you won’t have time to take your ruck off to pull out a bottle.
    • 3 litre size is best, especially for Red, Light, & Blue (hot weather expected!)
    • Any bladder will work, Source Bladders are best
    • Source bladders are military grade and hold up well in harsh conditions, be careful not to break a camelbak or other consumer grade product
  • Pack your ruck tight and light
    • Keep the bricks as high in the ruck as possible
    • Strap the bricks into the ruck if possible
    • Use yoga blocks or pool noodles to surround the bricks
      • Provides padding to keep your bricks from hitting you in the head
      • Keeps your bricks from moving around in the ruck
    • Expect to be submerged in water, waterproof anything that you pack
    • Pack trail food such as Clif Bars in a location that is easy and convenient to access
    • Pack your water bladder or bottles in a convenient location that can be removed and re-filled quickly

Once we got our Gear Review out of the way it was time to get familiar with working out with a loaded ruck. Here’s what we did:

  • Ruck up and form up into a single rank (shoulder-to-shoulder, facing TL).
  • Brisk ruck 2 blocks down and 2 blocks back (>15:00/mi pace)
  • Circle back up in the parking lot for PT
    • 15 8-count bodybuilders
    • 15 squats
    • 15 mountain climbers
    • Drop rucks
    • 10 flutter kicks
    • 10 flutter kicks with ruck press
    • Rucks up
    • 20 push ups
    • Drop rucks
    • Rucks up
    • 15 lunges
    • Drop rucks
    • 3 minutes rucks held overhead


Folks are definitely getting serious about preparing for Red, Light, & Blue. There we more people at CBH today than we’ve had in awhile, and it was really great to have fellow F3 brothers Drama and Shipwreck out for the first time. Everyone did exceptionally well working out with the weighted rucks, especially the first-timers as many hadn’t had the opportunity yet. Special shout-out to Blake and Jim who have already served their country well, but are still willing to subject themselves to a ruck inspection!

Coffee afterwards was a great time getting to know each other better, but several folks stayed behind to work with The Hoff and get some heavy metal ladders done. I didn’t stay myself, but I’m pretty sure Drama, Mr. Hanky, TJ, and Tianne all stayed to get extra work in. Well done!

Watch for more gear and nutrition tips on the post for the second installment of GORUCK 101 (7/23/2014)

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