Temple Run


Date: 7/17/2014
Team Leader: Cobra Kai
Team Members: Sasquatch, Gulfstream, TJ Hooker, Simba, Hamm, CheapTrick, S^2, Corky (FNG), Cobra Kai (TL)

The Thang:
Rucks on, 9 Guys, pick a log out of the truck

Ruck logs down to the lower parking lot to a local built structure we affectionately named “The Temple”. Fast pace mosey, drop rucks and logs at Temple

Surprise PT Test: Selection standard for Push-ups/Sit-ups. Goal is 55 push-ups/65 sit-ups

800m run to top of hill and back fast as possible. Plank up until regrouped at full strength.

Partner Up. P1(s) grab logs and proceed 75m from P2 at a slow run, turn and return. P2 will do squat thrusters until P1 returns. Switch.

P1(s) grab logs and proceed 75m from P2 at a slow run, turn and return. This time, P2 will do flutter kicks, feet over rucks until partner returns. Switch

P1(s) grab log and does log pushups w/ruck on. P2(s) bear crawls curb to curb in parking lot. Switch

Drop rucks: Seal-team Situps! A crowd pleaser with a lot of mumble chatter.

Finish w/short Jacobs ladder on steps; Burpees at the top while Partner holds planks. Both w/rucks!! At 3 count set, TL has everyone drop rucks, 3,2 and 1 go much faster when you get that gorilla off your back!

Grab logs and mosey back.

Hard work by strong men today! Always honored to serve as TL on these Thurs sessions. Hope I’m giving everyone what they are looking for on their lunch hour, a pain sandwich! Just like Burger King….Having some Good Livin our Way! Look forward to many more.

Welcome FNG Corky! 35lb ruck for the first time and was a force to be reckoned with out there today, fast and stong! T-Claps to Gulfstream. Doubled down today, 4:45am trail ruck over 4.3 rocky/rooty miles followed by the body beat down administered at lunch. Well done men, well done.




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