Snipers, Bears, Merkins, Oh My!


Date: 7/19/2014
Team Leader: Cobra Kai, Sasquatch
Team Members: Scuba Steve, Handy Manny, Posh Spice, Bill Nye, Golden Sombrero, Punch Out, Big D, Fayruit(FNG), RexQuando(FNG) Sasquatch (TL), Cobra Kai (TL)

The Thang:
11 men w/rucks form up on Cobra Kai. A little warm-up called, “On your belly, on back, on your feet!” After, rucks are set-aside for a bit to take on the suprise PT test w/a goal of 55 push-ups and 65 sit-ups in 2-min.

From there: Split into partners. Partner A bear crawls towards water/circle while Partner B sprints other direction down the hill to the sidewalk turn-off at stairs and sprints back, catches the bear and partner carries bear back to starting line. FLAPJACK then REPEATO

Afterwards, moved to the field where cones are setup approx 110yrds by 70yrds. Sniper drill time! Split off into 3’s. 3rd man goes across field w/ruck and is considered “down”. He will perform burpees while waiting to be “rescued”. Rescuers will sprint across field until TL calls out “SNIPER”, hit the deck and low crawl and recover on command, repeating drill until injured man is reached. Recover him back to start by two man drag. 3X until all team members have been recovered.

Cobra Kai hands off to Sasquatch.
Sprint drill called 4-corners but SPEARHEAD style w/rucks. Round 1: Leave Ruck at corner 2, Go back to Corner 1, Sprint end line to corner 2, Ruck-on, lunge walk to half-field, slow jog to corner 3. Drop Ruck, slow jog back to corner 1.
Round 2: Sprint the end-line and side-line to corner 3, Ruck-on, lunge walk end-line to corner 4, slow jog back to corner 1.
Round 3: Sprint the end-line, side-line, and end-line to corner 4, Ruck-on, lunge walk to half-field, slow jog back to corner 1, Drop Ruck.
Round 4: Sprint around the entire field back to corner 1.

Finish off with more merkins by partnering up. Team goal of 100 merkins cumulative for each 2-man team. Partner A sprints across field while Partner B does merkins. Upon return, flapjack and and count continues. Repeato untill 100 is achieved by each team.

Endless energy by SPEARHEAD Greenville in the rain. These men continue to impress. You guys get it done time and again and come back for more! In the words of Darth Vader “Most Impressive”. T-claps to the FNG’s this morning. Glad to have you with us.
11 in the wet gloom this am and 9 stayed to continue the beatdown w/F3 and got what for their hard work and dedication?? ALOT more merkins! Well done gents. Proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you all.

“Work ethic is where hard work meets discipline and direction.”

— Michael McCarthy



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