Walk in the Park!


Date: 7/22/2014
Team Leader: Cobra Kai
Team Members: Liquor Cycle, TJ Hooker, Saurus, Cobra Kai

The Thang:
4 Pax fought the temptation to fartsack and gathered once again this Tues morning for walk in the park or anything but! Well, a ruck/run/pushup/bearcrawl,…you get the picture. The gloom delivered this morning with high humidity and wet conditions! Time to get down to biznaz!

Ruck-up and ranger run up the road towards the athletic fields at Boyce. Only…this will be on an interval basis. 1-min of running, 20-second of bear crawls. Repeat this cycle until we make it to the lower lot in the park.
Head to the athletic fields and explain the drill:
Round 1: Set-up on Corner 1; Run to corner 2, 10 pushups, run to corner 3, 10 pushups; run to corner 4, 10 pushups; finish the run to corner 1.
Round 2: Repeat in reverse direction except this time; add-on 15 squats after each set of 10-pusups.
Round 3: Repeat in reverse direction again and add-on 24 2-count flutter kicks; so 10 pu, 15 sq, 24 sets of flutter kicks.
In all; 90 pushups, 90 squats, 72 sets of flutter kicks with runs around the soccer field all while wearing rucks = gassed!
Mosey back to parking lot; bearcrawl across the parking lot. Run up the hill, out of the park, pax stops at each speed bump and does mountain climbers.
Top of park reached; Partner up and run the “catch-me if you can” drill back to the start with P1 carrying both rucks farmer style; P2 doing 5 burpees and sprinting to chase P1 down, switch and repeat until the we reach the starting point.


Today was a good reminder at each point to keep going no matter how tough it seems. It’s a true testimony to how much we need the work and how much stronger we get each week. Good luck to the guys in the Challenge this Friday night!


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