GORUCK 101 :: Part 2


Date:  7/23/2014

Team Leader: Matt M. (Culkin) and Rick T. (Bob the Builder)

Team Members: Rick T. (BTB), Matt M. (Culkin), Howard D. (Angler), Tianne S. (G.I.Sunshine), Lancer, Jim D., Shipwreck, Gamma, Travis H. (FNG)

(9) posted this morning for the second installment of GORUCK 101.

Circle up for a warm up:

  • Side Straddle Hop x 25
  • Mountain Climber x 15
  • Squat x 15
  • Push Ups x 10

Team Leader/Navigator Appointed: Tianne

Destination: Independence Park – East End

Team lines up in one column (also known as a single file line) with Old Glory in front.  Indian run to the park, keeping flag at the front (until the pole broke that is).

At the Park: 

Team lines up in one rank (also known as shoulder to shoulder).

Lunge walk forward as a team with rucks over-head.  Can only progress forward while rucks are fully extended.  If a break is needed, the team must stop movement while resting.

Culkin calls cadence (“Left foot.  Up.  Right foot.  Up.  Rest.”  Etc.)

Continue to the end of the bushes.

Team Mission: A package is located in the park at a tree.  Team must locate the package and bring it back to the center of the park.  The search is to be done in silence and without auxiliary light sources.  All movement must be done in the form of lunge walks.

Team decides to divide into three equal groups, and a search pattern is established.  One individual remains in the center of the park and scans all three teams.  When a hand signal is given by a team member, indicating that they have found the package, the individual in the middle is to repeat that signal to the rest of the group.

Package located (40lb Sandbag), team returns to center of the park.

Team forms one rank.  Bear crawl as a team towards the other end of the park while moving sandbag.  This movement was performed flawlessly!

Reward: Jack Webb x 15

Team Leader/Navigator Appointed: Travis

Destination: Charlotte Bridge Home

Ruck back to start point in one column with Old Glory leading the way.




Great work today, guys.  It was a pleasure leading the Charlotte Bridge Home workout for the first time.  As always, you guys were beasts out there.    Welcome to FNG and GRT Travis, it was good to have him out for his first workout with team SPEARHEAD!  I forgot to do our routine count off/name off at the end – I don’t know how that slipped!

Today was a small taste of the scenarios you will experience at the Red, Light, & Blue.  Always remember – Attention To Detail and Teamwork Is Key!  Stay together and work as a team at all times.  The team is only as strong and only as fast as it’s weakest/slowest member.

Just as we appointed team leaders today, this will be the norm in the event.  You may or may not be selected to lead at Red, Light, & Blue; but hopefully you will get an opportunity to lead at one of our workouts in preparation.  As Angler pointed out at the end of the workout, the purpose of the event is to teach leadership and teamwork through this shared experience.  We will begin the event as individuals, but we will finish as a team!

On the ruck back to the CBH, I (Rick T.) commented that Lancer looked like a little boy headed to school with his loaner backpack on.  That comment was quickly followed up by Jim – “Yeah, a little boy that has been hitting the lat machine!”.  You would think that I would know not to poke a bear with the size and strength of Lancer, but I know(/hope) he’s a big teddy bear and won’t get me back!


Join us next week at the Charlotte Bridge Home for the third and final installment of GORUCK 101 in preparation for Red, Light, & Blue!

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