Birthday, Group Therapy, and Bearing A Cross


Date: 7/26/2014

Team Leader: BTB, Murdoc

Team Members: Murdoc, Pumpkin Spice, Posh Spice, Handy Manny, Radar, Punch Out, Baby Seal, Bob The Builder

(8) PAX gathered early on Saturday for a little birthday themed group therapy, followed by some heavy lifting.

Team Leader: BTB

Warm-Up COP

SSH x 28

IW x 28

Team Forms One Rank (All below exercises performed in cadence as a team)

14 x Push Up

14 x Push Up…Again

Low crawl in a line  to the center island

Squat x 28 with ruck overhead

Bear crawl back to starting point

28 x Overhead Press

Lunge Walk to island with ruck overhead.  Stop to rest as necessary, but ruck must be overhead while progressing.

14 x Burpee

14 x Squat

Buddy Bear Crawl back to starting point


Team Leader: Murdoc

Divide the PAX into three teams.

There are coupons cached in three locations in a triangle pattern with an empty pickup truck in the center.  Each cache has three identical coupons or sets of coupons.

Mission – each team must acquire their share of the coupons from each of the three stations and deposit them in the truck bed.  The specific route and method was left up to the team.  You could go to all three stations, pick up everything at once, and bring them all back to the center for a shorter overall distance.  You could pick up items one at a time, always returning to the truck after each station for a lighter load.

All three teams chose to pick up items one at a time and deliver them to the center individually.

Cache 1: Three Cannons (One telephone pole per team)

Cache 2: Concrete Crosses (One per team)

Cache 3: Ammunition (2 Buckets of water and one sand pill per team)

Return to start point.



Great work out there by everyone.  This was certainly not an easy workout, and it encompassed a lot of elements you would find in a typical GORUCK style event.  The PT session at the beginning was a smoker, and then the teamwork and thought involved with finishing the mission in time while continuing to exert yourself was awesome.

This was a great way to spend the morning of my 28th birthday.  I am sure you see the “28” theme in the rep counts.  28 Push Ups is a lot of push ups under ruck, strong work!

I can’t wait for my next trip down to Greenville.  You guys are a great group, and the city is a great place to spend time.  Thanks for allowing me to lead you guys!


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