Taco Tuesdays!


Date: 7/29/2014
Team Leader: Cobra Kai
Team Members: Angler, Liquor Cycle, TJ Hooker, Saurus, Sasquatch, Mighty Mite, Gullah, Cobra Kai (TL)

Just watched the Lego Movie and was inspired! I think I always enjoy them as much if not more than my kids. In the movie, Taco is a acronym for some secret meaning. I thought it appropriate to have our own acronym for SH! TacoTeam Always Completes Objectives…SPEARHEAD! The S is silent. 

5:15 8 pax present and ready to roll! Objective: Reach the bathroom building in the parking lot of James Boyce Park by the following means. 2 sets of partners drop rucks and do a piggy back style carry down the sidewalk, switching as necessary. 2 men will use the Barbell Log (yes!) to transport all 4 of their rucks, suspended in the middle by quick-drawl carabineers. One man will carry two rucks. All team members will rotate thru this movement all the way.

5:30 Bathroom Parking Lot: Drop the ruck-bell. (see what I did there?) Everyone partner up.
Objective: 100 man-makers as a 2-man team. P1 will sprint across the parking lot to the curb and back while P2 performs man-makers and then switch. At the switch, each partner will continue the count from where the other left off. This continues until each team has reached 100.

Objective: 150 push-ups as a 2-man team except rotate around for a different partner. Same method as before, 2-man teams working for a cumulative total.
Objective: Everyone carry their rucks to the sidewalk crossing about 20-yards away and return to the curb. Partner up, again, new 2-man teams. P1 will do burpee-broad jumps across to their rucks, then rucks to front and crab walk back while P2 holds the bear crawl position. Switch and repeat. 2-times each!

6:10 Time to rebuild the ruck-bell with suspended rucks, partner up for carries the same as we did on the way down except this time to the park entrance…UP hill. Once at the road, end the partner carries and form up single file, pick up the pace and move the ruck-bell back ricky tick to the parking lot rotating team members frequently.

6:15 COT
Great work this am by team SPEARHEAD. Angler always continues to show us the meaning of DFQ and how to press on! Great to see guys stepping up to assist as additional teammates to those trying to reach the cumulative numbers after they achieved their own. We also reemphasized the importance of keeping the group together with no gaps between those carrying PAX and those carrying the ruck-bell and stepping in to relieve someone without being asked. The ruck-bell was awesome as the rucks would swing back and forth on the quick-drawls making for a unsteady load. This is important as your footing or the load you carry may not always be stable. Again, strong work and was great to meet Mighty Mite and Gullah, beasts in their own rite coming out to tune up for the RLB in two weeks. TJ, Sasquatch and Saurus kicked tail as always! LC carried me like I was nothing and special shout out to him for his ability to slide thru the rear window of Saurus’s truck to retrieve the key as it was locked inside in the gloom.
And to close out with the theme song from The Lego Movie. “Everything is awesome, Everything is cool when you’re part of a team!”



  1. Looks like an awesome workout, Cobra! I had an unexpected early morning trip out of town for work and had to miss. Strong work team, good luck at GORUCK 101 tomorrow with The Hoff

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