GORUCK 101 :: Part 3 of 3 – A little bit of everything


Date: 7/30/2014

Team Lead: Shawn K. aka The Hoff

The Team: TJ Hooker, Howard D. aka Angler, Gamma, Jim aka Big Jim, Tianne aka GI Sunshine, Melissa aka (No Name…LEAVING FOR BTB TO NAME YOU….GET ON IT Baaaaaab! lol)

A little bit of everything…minus of course the water, but we’ll get to that one day.  Today was all about giving the Team a few key elements they will experience during a GORUCK Light or Challenge.  The only difference you’ll see is that you take what we did today, and multiply it by 5-15 times the amount of time…gotta love a GORUCK event!

Stage 1: “Welcome Party” 8 Count Body Builders / Monkey Humper Ladder

* At a typical GORUCK event, you will immediately get thrown into a meat grinder with a Cadre trying to “crush your souls” – Cadre Kevin GRC 943.  So be prepared to do a lot of PT at the beginning.  This is in place to ‘level set’ the team and break down us physically, only to rebuild us from there.  It’s a military staple and in place to get our minds right for the remaing 5-12 hours to come.

– 8 Count Body Builders x 2 / Monkey Humpers x 4

– 8 Count Body Builders x 4 / Monkey Humpers x 8

– 8 Count Body Builders x 6 / Monkey Humpers x 16

– 8 Count Body Builders x 8 / Monkey Humpers x 20

– 8 Count Body Builders x 10 / Monkey Humpers x 40

Stage 2: Log Ruck

*In ALL Goruck events you will have to carry logs and for a long period of time…so get used to having the weight on your shoulders.  Eventually you’ll actually start enjoying the pain :)

– 7 Team Memebers, 7 coupons

– 5 Logs, 1 Flag and (1) 30 Lbs Ruck

– Ruck Coupons to Park

Stage 3: Cadre PT Reps as Team

* Cadres will focus on Form and moving as a team.  Many times they will call out the people how are not doing the correct form and penalize the team by adding exercises.  So, when they are not looking, CHEAT when you can.  If you are not cheating then you are not trying.  With this stage we practiced this:

– Slow Squat in Cadre Cadence (if Team broke cadence or messed up, we started over) x 20

– Overhead Ruck Press (holding at the top position) x 20

Stage 4: Team Log PT

* Again, there will be teamwork and Log PT at the event so here we gave the team a taste of that.  The log is uncomfortable and hard to move around.  It requires stabolization muscles that you likely have not used in the past.  Just keep the log moving.

– Partner Up and P1 Grab a Log

– P1 Shoulder-to-Shoulder Log Overhead Press; P2 Bear Crawl 30 yards, sprint back

– When P2 returns to P1, P2 performs Log Exercise while P1 Bear Crawls

– Flapjack and Rinse and Repeat until 100 Reps are achieved

Stage 5: Grueling Ground Work With Elbow and Knee Preparation for Scrapes

* This is something that is performed at most events as well.  There was a debate about whether to cover knees and elbows, so I am thankful we had this discussion.  MAKE SURE to cover elbows and knees or there will be consequences later that could affect you during the event.

– Tunnel of Love

Stage 6: Core Explosion and Unfamiliar Movements

* Challenges are filled with this kind of stuff and it’s extremely difficult to prepare for this kind of exercise.  Basically we pretended that our limbs were blown off by an IUD and had to move without use on feet, elbows or hands.

– Shimmy Shim Shim x 30 yards

Stage 7: Log Ruck Back – Final Mile

*Aside from killing people off (which will happen on the last mile), we finished with a Log Ruck.  Due to time, we had to get back to Start Point, however if we had it all to do again, we would have practiced Partner Carry…Maybe Dora will let us do that next week.  Additionally, transferered TL to Big Jim.  During the Event the Cadre will assign new Team Leads who will guide the group through.  One thing to remember is to continually keep “count” of the team.  Make sure you can touch the teammate in front of you and call out “counts” periodically to make sure we didn’t lose anyone.



Great work out there today team.  It was impressive to see the overall efforts out there today and the willingness to try something new.  All of you brought your ‘A’ Game and will be ready for this event.

Thank you again for training with us and we look forward to all the things we will accomplish together in the upcoming years.

Respectfully, Shawn K. aka The Hoff


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  1. Lol. Yeah the water sucked but when he and Cadre Matt showed up to greet Pax, whispered to me and Dora “Are you guys ready to get your souls crushed?”. Best quote ever as it was passed along and set the tone for an amazing challenge.

  2. This workout looks awesome, good job Hoff! I hate that I missed it. Have been balls to the wall at work and was out of town Tuesday and Wednesday in Raleigh.

    I still haven’t seen Melissa at a Wednesday morning workout, it seems like we always miss each other! I’ll name her one day lol

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