Diabolical Disc Golf


Date: 8/14/2014
Team Leader: Cobra Kai
Team Members: TJ Hooker, Sasquatch, Hamm, Clyde, Cheap Trick, Corky, Cobra Kai (TL)

Today included lots of props to have fun with. The first of which was a new home-made sand bag weighing in at approx. 150lbs. This was named “HighSchoolGirlfriend”..you make the connection. We also had a little sandbag weighing in around 45lbs. No name given.

The Thang: Everyone form up and Hump HighSchoolGirlfriend down to the field, taking turns as required. (see what I did there?). Also moving the smaller sandbag as required. This was no easy effort as the field is approx. .5mile away. As Cadre Bert would say “cry on this inside”!

When the field was reached, lay the coupons down under the shade tree and form up across the disc golf fairway. PAX instructed on how The Sniper Drill works. Sprinting and low crawing, we covered 100yrds down the fairway until the Disc Golf Basket was reached.

At the Disc Golf Basket: Form a circle around the basket 10yrds away. TL produces 3 disc golf Frisbees from his ruck. Each disc represents a 10-rep deduction. The group starts with 40-reps of whatever exercise TL calls out. The man w/the disc throws hoping to reduce the 40 by 10 with each disc he makes in the basket. This will rotate around the circle until all have had a turn. All exercises were performed with rucks. Exercises: pushups, air squats, manmakers, drop planks, 3-count flutter kicks w/rucks overhead, monkey humpers and bear crawls. If all three discs miss their mark, next thrower backs up another 5 yrds. Rep counts were high as we all couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn!

TL punishes the PAX due to lack of counting in cadence during all exercises. This results in half the PAX killed off and fireman carries the others 50yards down the field, switch and repeat. Next were seal team sit-ups followed by centipede pushups. These were crowd favorites. Time to get the HighSchoolGirlfriend back before curfew!

Great workout by all and a lot of fun today!


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