Team SPEARHEAD Thursday Ruck


0330 h awaken, make coffee.
Coffee Pot
0345 h confirm route for 4.1 mile ruck around Boyce Park AO.  Make notes.
0410 h depart for AO.
0422 h drive road part of route.
0432 h arrive at parking lot.
0433 h remember that boot lace broke at RLB. Work around.
0440 h 2 deer appear at soccer field – pretty Cool!
Deer 3
0441 h Deer have breakfast
Deer 4
0442 h Waning moon. Clear. Stars. 62 degrees F.
0445 h no humidity. No PAX.
0500 h RTB.
Deer 5
Conclusion: Should have brought DAngler.
Abby on Bow



  1. This is a pretty funny post. Sorry I didn’t make it Angler. We were at the CBH until 10 last night! Late night for me. Thank you for joining us for the leadership meeting last night, I am excited about where we are headed as a team.

  2. Howard Duvall on

    It will start and finish in gravel parking lot at 6901 Sardis Rd, Charlotte, NC. The deer were white tails inside city limits.

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