Dawn of the Liquor Cycle Part 6 with a hint of Saurus….


Date: 8/19/2014

Team Lead: Liquor Cycle, Suarus (FTQ)

The Team: Liquor Cycle, BTB, Hoff, Saurus, Angler, TJ Hooker, Gullah & Pinwheel (FNG)

The Thang:

0515 Post up. Move to Boyce Park.

Arrive at Gate. Crab walk to first speed hump.

Partner up.
Team 1 farmer carry rucks.
Team 2 40 Push-ups as a team.
Catch Team 1, Flapjack.

Arrive at soccer fields.
Low crawl from sideline to sideline.

Pass Q to Sauras for first time Q.

** Saurus scratches head…

** Saurus looks around.

** Saurus keeps thinking.

Team suggest picking up log and moving to hillside for cover. Carry heavier 8 man log down the hill. Only 5 to 6 on log. remaining rucktards run to bottom of hill and backup to log.

At the bottom of hill, turn to Saurus for next orders….

** Saurus still scratching head. Suggest turn and go back up hill.

Team starts to move log uphill. Team slows to hear what sounds like very angry bear. VERY ANGRY…. but upon listening more. Team decided to drop log head to bottom of hill to encourage new guy and help push him as a team.

Back to log.


Drop log at Log central.

** Saurus with lost look.

Move to sideline with Hoff suggestion. Lunge walk to other side.

Thanks to TJ Hooker, he wanted to do Monkey humpers allllll the way home. So we gave in.

Monkey humpers X 20 at building.

Move to first speed bump.

Monkey humpers X 20

Move to next speed bump.

Monkey humpers X 20.

Exit park.

Indian run home while holding rucks. Hint don’t let last person pass without grabbing his ruck or we run as a team to catch him. *cough*Hoff*cough.

Arrive at end point.


Good work today team! Welcome Pinwheel to the madness. I think he will be back! He did enjoy it he said.

Saurus, I kind of threw the Q on you today, and you still did a great job. You can never go wrong with moving a log! NEVER! I should have let you prepare a little more, and there were some things that I wanted to do that I forgot about. I never plan my Q. It’s always fly by the seat of my pants. And thanks to TJ Hooker for shouting out his favorites it makes it easy! just listen to the team and what they DON’T want to do, then do that! The team will never tell you that you are doing it wrong, because there is no wrong. We get up. We get out there. There are people that can’t even do that. So no matter if we just walk, I’d be proud to be by your side with your next Q, or put us in the river and get us muddy! Never a bad day when we get the chance to wake up each morning!

Everyone pushed hard moving that log uphill as we had no relief on the log really. It’s not like we had 30 people on the side waiting to jump on. But we did it as a team. Moved with a purpose. And that’s what Spearhead is all about! I had a great morning as we always do!

Pleasure doing business with you all!!!




  1. It actually felt good to get back under a log, I enjoyed it. Thanks for leading, guys.

    Welcome to our FNG “Pinwheel”. After he caught his breath for a minute he was ready to jump back under the ruck and keep on going. That is the attitude that fits right in at team SPEARHEAD. We are all weak at one point or another, but we have a team to lean on when we need them.

    Looking forward to next week!

    • I also should have mentioned – this is not Saurus’s first Q. He has been around the block a bit. His last Q was gruesome – he brought out a poleless litter with about 200 pounds of sand on it. #MISERY

  2. Welcome Pinwheel! Hope to see you again soon. Many hands make for light work and most likely heavier logs.

    Hehe the sandman came in at 250 lb., a “Large Marge” to Cobra Kai’s “High School Girlfriend”. I just don’t think I can free flow “Q” like that LC. I need time to plan and some props, no doubt a result of watching too many A-Team episodes as a kid.

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