How do you keep your wheels from coming off? TIME UNDER RUCK!
blister 2

Astronomer, Shipwreck (SH FNG), Copernicus (WB) and Angler (WD). Great morning for a ruck. Superb route planned but YHC did not follow it because he made a wrong turn. In an effort to avoid getting stuck in the mud, again, we back tracked and made the correct turn. However, Copernicus’ Mom (M Astronomer) called and needed him to RTB so, we took advantage of the wrong turn and conveniently knocked off a half mile. A total of 3.6 miles in about an hour and six minutes. About 18 minutes/mile including re-orienting time. Not bad.

Back to the question about your wheels. The answer is that you make sure they are tough.
feet 1
All the PT in the world (while absolutely necessary) will not prepare your feet to ruck 15 to 20 miles. The only way YHC knows to prepare is to ruck a lot. 4 – 6 miles each week is inadequate. 15 – 20 miles each week will do it. And, of course, pamper them every chance you get.

We arrived back at the start point about midway through Morning Nautical Twilight.
US Naval Observatory: “Nautical twilight is defined to begin in the morning, and to end in the evening, when the center of the sun is geometrically 12 degrees below the horizon. At the beginning or end of nautical twilight, under good atmospheric conditions and in the absence of other illumination, general outlines of ground objects may be distinguishable, but detailed outdoor operations are not possible. During nautical twilight the illumination level is such that the horizon is still visible even on a Moonless night allowing mariners to take reliable star sights for navigational purposes, hence the name.”

Now You Know! And, knowing is half the battle. (Thanks, Cadre Kevin)

Our friends the deer were back at the soccer field. Really special time of day. Great job, men. It is a privilege to ruck with you.

If any PAX would like to Q the Thursday Ruck, just let me know and we will set it up.



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  1. Lyell Petersen on

    Fantastic turnout! Sounds like a great early am ruck. I’m looking forward to getting out there with you all next week.

    Nice tips on caring for your wheels, too.

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