Ant’s Marching!


Date: 8/28/2014
Team Leader: Cobra Kai
Team Members: The Hoff, BTB, Sasquatch, Clyde, Cheap Trick, Simba, GreenMachine, Cobra Kai (TL)

It was a perfect afternoon for a Cobra Kai beat down in his home dojang! (that’s Korean for school) and class was in session w/8 pupils!

As Bill Cosby once said “The beatings will now begin!”

Ruck up and move out. HighSchoolGirlfriend has been invited to join in today’s fun. We move her 150lb dead weight on to the shoulders of one lucky RuckWarrior at a time along with the others carrying her 50lb cousin, a 40-lb sandbag and a 55-lb kettlebell. These items will all me moved over the 0.6 mi until we reach our starting point for today’s lesson. Coupons are all stowed and 60-80lb individual logs are retrieved form the woods.

DORA 1-2-3! Form up into 4-2 man teams. P1 excercises while P2 moves the log in the trail loop where flagging has been hung. Lots of rocks, roots and significant hills! When P2 returns, switch, rinse and repeat

 100 Merkins
 200 Squats
 300 Mountain Climbers

This concludes today’s lesson. Stowe logs and retrieve all coupons including HighSchoolGirlfriend and her cousin and mosey back 0.6mi! We did suffer a casualty. The cousin sprung a leak and lost some sand. We’ll patch her up and back on the front lines soon.


Hard work by all! Our homemade sandbags of 50 & 150lbs are no joke. It will press you to the ground with every step. Thankful for Hoff and BTB making it out for todays fun. Hope it was up to teamSPEARHEAD standards! Awesome time with the whole group! Especially at the few cars leaving for lunch looking at us with much confusion!!

REMEMBER: Training can be frustrating sometimes but if you can survive moments of frustration and doubt and keep going you are progressing, even if it feels like a setback. DFQ!
Honored to be TL for such a group of men! #keepmovingforward



  1. This was an awesome workout and 100% SPEARHEAD standard for sure! Those bags are tough, and the heat makes it harder. That made me want to get a 150 for SPEARHEAD workouts.

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