Murdocks Mad Mosey – Spearhead Style


TL – Murdock
PAX – Baby Seal, Johnny 5, Punch Out, Padre

Warm Up:  The Lord’s Prayer and some stretches

Main Thing: (Pair Off) (Team Competition Style)(Stations)(Rucks On)

Flipping the Quarter – Tire Flips – 50 Yards
Farmer’s Carry – (2) 30lb Buckets – Up/Down Amphitheater Steps & around fountain – 150 yards
Barrel Roll – Roll 55 gallon Barrels up the back side of the Amphitheater
Making Sparks – 35lb plate push – 60 Yards

Rinse and Repeat for a better team time

Naked Moleskine: 45 minute workout with challenge weight, and low attendance because of the Convergence. Rolled right into the Convergence.

Next workout: 8-9 Mile Movement (with Coupons – Because Punch Out called me out) – Meet at Veterans Memorial at Lake Conestee Park at 6AM. Route of March will be from Conestee Park to Starbucks on Main. (Conestee Park – 840 Mauldin Road, Greenville, SC 29607)



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