Custom F3 GORUCK Heavy 3/13/15 – raising the CSAUP Bar


It is time to raise the CSAUP bar….

Sign up now for a Custom F3 GORUCK Heavy on 3/13/15

GORUCK Heavy is the Ultimate Team Event.  A heavy is 24+ hours, 35+ miles and allows Cadre to teach more leadership and teamwork under stress.

As F3 we have completed 7 custom GORUCK Challenges and 1 upcoming in Columbia, SC on 11/21/14.  Only 8 Men in F3 have earned the Red Heavy Patch.

Time to fix that.  (GORUCK Heavy video – look for Checkpoint, Donkey Kong and Dora)

GORUCK Heavy is something you will have to train for! There are PT standards for push-ups, sit-ups and rucking. PT Standards are 55 Push-ups, 65 Sit-ups (Army PT Standards) and a 12 Mile Ruck in 3.5 hours. F3 boot camps and rucking 15+ miles each week is needed.  Your ruck will also have to weigh a minimum of 35lbs with no water in it.

When: 3/13/15  Start ~ 1:00 p.m.

Where: Charleston, SC

Who: F3 Nation

Why: It’s time to raise the Bar

Cost: $170

Pay Now and comment below with your F3 Name, Region & Paid

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**You will receive your gear discount after you pay above and F3/Dallas provides you the private GORUCK Event page to register w/ GORUCK.

Training – F3 Bootcamps, Ruck focused workouts and rucking 15+ miles each week is needed (Minimum). A marathon ruck is highly recommended and will allow you to test your feet, gear and conditioning for this event.  We will organize 1 – 2 marathon rucks.

– “There is a difference between thriving and surviving the Heavy” – Dora

– “You need to make sure you are familiar with your gear, practice with what you will have with you during Heavy, maneuvering through equipment should become second nature.” – Friday

Training Links

–    GORUCK 6 Week training program (link here)

–    SPEARHEAD Pathfinder Program (link here) (Pathfinder Class 04 starts 12/1, earn your patch)

–    Ruck Focused Training (link here)

Gear – if you have done a challenge you know what you might need and prefer.  Please look here at GORUCK’s packing list. What you need will be determined by the weather that Friday & Saturday.

The biggest question is boots or shoes.  F3 guys that have done a Heavy have used Salomon XD Pro 3D, Oakley Water Boots and Keen Boots.  You will need 3 – 4 pairs of good socks.  Don’t fail to plan and train. Testing your equipment at Heavy is a plan for failure and will create a long day for you.

Communication – Updates will be done via this post and via email once you have paid.

Questions? email Dallas at  A NoCo team is planning this event



  1. In. Wilmington or Charleston. Any beach close by. New F3 AO in Wilmington. If we will be going in the water anyway, might as well go “selection style.”


  2. At my age I said one Heavy was enough for me after the Bragg beatdown but the thought of suffering with more people I know is tempting. Will have to see if I can get Maverick to sign up with me if that is not spring break week. That might tip me over the edge.

  3. Friday is a HC! I’m thinking Charleston…Beach, Citadel and lots of F F games! However, my opinion could be changed. Let’s see some ideas!

  4. In for sure. How can a GORUCK alumni not be in for the 1st F3 custom #HEAVY?

    I’m voting anyway near the mountains. 1. Pisgah Forest 2. Lake Lure 3. Asheville

    • What the crap scrap? Why isn’t anyone requesting things they aren’t good at? I request lots of wind sprints in a hot location. Cracked that seal.

  5. Birds of a feather, lol! However, I have a feeling we’d need to keep the Blue Falcons at rest as this HEAVY will be off the charts! DFQ.

  6. In/Paid – Dallas, NoCo
    Location – looking forward to what we decide upon, remember the hills in the mountain and having to ruck 35+ miles. We did 48 miles during our Heavy in DC

    Hoff – you (Blue Falcon) will be issued a ruck so you can’t show up with anything :)

  7. In/Paid I vote for Charleston. Lots of fun to be had with the beach,the bridge, and the scenic view. I will be sure to bring the Beach ball.

  8. SC for the Cap’n. Location will determine the HC. Voting for something close to home base of Charlotte. Also same situation as BTB: 2.3 due any day now.

  9. F3 Raleigh – A new ruck focused workout is launching this Saturday 9/27/2014 at Brier Creek Community Center. Start time is 6:15. We go to 7:00 when the regular workout takes place. Name of the workout is Quickhatch. We are looking for Q’s with GoRuck experience to lead. Contact me if you are interested in taking the Q!

  10. In, Paid and I vote for the Mountains. I’d rather climb 40 miles up a ladder than sit in the surf for hours upon hours. I’m ok with either since pain is relative to expectations.

  11. It’s On! THE HOFF IN AND PAID…so if you need something heavy carried, I’m your guy.
    TeamSPEARHEAD- where are the rest of you?

  12. SoCal aka Ballistic on

    Definitely HC. I will talk to the wife about the payment and lock that up asap. However, count me in for sure.

  13. Winnebago is IN, I vote for Mountains/Wilderness. Beach looks all the same, only thing unique would be the sunrise. But won’t be afraid of beach.

    I do strongly vote for Cadre Tyler as one of the Cadre. He is the only Cadre who was on Delta Force, has an awesome story and seems like an all around awesome dude. He is My far and away #1, after that it is 2)Bert and 3)Big Daddy. I only leave Dan off because I know he is deployed and highly unlikely.

  14. I just paid GORUCK our deposit! This confirms the date of 3/13/15 and the location of Charleston, SC. We are now working to secure our picks for Cadre, stay tuned……

  15. Well we done it. So as we enter the cooler months of the year I expect to join me in shorts and a t-shirt regardless of temperature, put sand in their shoes prior to every post and take cold showers after posts. We can arrange another dip in the creek with ambient temperature of 34 degrees.

  16. I just sent GORUCK Registration page to the email you used for paypal, please register with GORUCK. I will send this page to people as they pay. This will be the best F3/GORUCK Event!!

  17. SoCal aka Ballistic on

    I’m 100% in my mind, but still working on the M to release the funds for this purpose…please tell me there’s still room.

    • By the count I did this morning based on the comments we have 19, cutoff is 35 so you should be good. I doubt there are 16 who haven’t sounded off.

  18. We have 27 people that have commented or expressed HC interest, waiting on everyone to pay. I have paid GORUCK the deposit and already secured Big Daddy “John” as 1st Cadre. SoCal you are one of the 27 and have to do it to keep the count of F3 Custom events going :)

    • SoCal aka Ballistic on

      Used the “they’re running outta spots” line…I’m in. Sent payment via PayPal. Let’s do this boys!! super fired up.

      • I’m there with you, I did the same when I thought I was doing Bragg in February, its really controlling breath to short circuit the bodies flight mechanism. I am stinking pumped, hate it is soooo far away. I am expecting this to be the hardest Heavy they can bring because they know the type of men F3 brings and because of the location. Bragg and the Heavy of HCL 001 in Seattle are the to me the benchmark we are looking at. Before The DC Heavy brothers get upset I just haven’t heard enough of it to know, but I’m sure it was the real deal.

  19. Big League Chew on

    BLC is in and paid! One click shopping has done got me in trouble again! So I should get this out of the way now; “What the h#ll was I thinking!” Damn SPEARHEAD morons!

    • Hell yeah BLC!! In case the team here doesn’t know…me and Big League Chew hold the F3 records for the most GRC’s done in F3. Meaning that BLC is a HUGE asset to your team. He is one of the strongest willed people I’ve ever known. Nice to have you BLC!!

      • Big League Chew on

        As long as I’m behind you on that log I’m in good shape brother. I knew you had committed then I heard AARP signed up as well I just couldn’t let it pass.

      • Big League Chew on

        As long as I’m behind you on that log I’m in good shape brother. I knew you had committed then I heard AARP signed up as well I just couldn’t let it pass.

  20. Gentlemen, if you have commented on this post as an HC/SC please pay asap to reserve your spot, we are at 34 guys based upon comments here or have told me they are in. 26 guys have paid as of this a.m.

    The 36th person will start a waitlist due to the $2,500 cost for a 3rd Cadre, great news is we can go to 70 people with the 3rd Cadre and the event cost goes down for everyone. I wouldn’t want to be the 36th – 40 + guys because they might not be able to do the event.

    Email me at with any questions

  21. BLC!!! Hell yeah!! Are you going to let me complete Challenge/Light combo on Feb 6th? If so I’ll pass you for the most GRC’s in F3….hehe. EH.

    Guys, seriously though. There is a C/L combo that will last. 20-22 hours 5 weeks before the event. I recommend everyone sign up as timing is perfect to prepare for Heavy.

    • Big League Chew on

      I’m considering it, Hoff. Cadre Andy will certainly bring the pain in this C/L combo and I need to be ready. I’ve got work to do on foot issues. So I’ve got to get this blister problem dialed in. But I’m afraid of burn out. Got to get my mind right!

  22. We are on a waitlist now and should have no problem exceeding it. I have a names on the waitlist based on comments on this post but no payment. 36 – 50 is the waitlist, we can then go to 70 before adding an additional $2,500. email me or comment here for waitlist

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