Thursday Long Ruck – Where’s Liquor Cycle?


Date: 9/18/2014

Team Leader: Bob The Builder

Team: The Hoff, Angler, Astronomer, Copernicus, BTB  (TL)

5 individuals with a total of 12 feet on the ground gathered at 0445 for a ruck towards town.

Start point was the south end of Freedom Park at Princeton Road.

We rucked through Freedom Park, got on the Sugar Creek Greenway, and took that past Midtown.

Turned around at 0530 and headed back.

4.78 Miles Total Distance

ENDEX 0615


Good job guys, this was fun.  I love the long rucks because they give us a chance to fellowship and get caught up on what’s going on in everyone’s lives.  Sorry I didn’t have a more interesting plan for us, but I think that AARP has us covered for next week.

The Hoff had miscalculated when loading his ruck, and ended up with 56 pounds of random garbage stuffed in there.  I think it includes bricks, sand, steel plates, frozen food, and chopped up body parts.  Word is that he’s a little sore this afternoon.

Liquor Cycle texted in the middle of the night asking when and where the workout was today.  Considering the time for the Thursday morning workout has never changed in a year, it’s safe to say he may have been in a different state of mind.  Needless to say, we didn’t see him this morning #shocker!

Thanks again for coming out and letting me lead.  I enjoyed it!


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