Lincoln Logs


Date: 9/23/2014

Team Lead: The Hoff

The Team:  Crab Cake, TJ Hooker, Dora, Big League Chew, Saurus, Angler, Liquor Cycle, AARP, Gullah, The Hoff

The Workout:

Team assembled at 05:10 so TL could set expectations for the workout.

Team Movement #1: Lincoln Log

     – Move HEAVY log from Founders Field to point at Boyce Park

     – Distance .75 miles

     – Time 35 minutes

Log placed.  It was a grueling Log PT

Team Movement #2: Partner up; 100 Body Builders/Bear Crawl

     – P1 Bear Crawl 50 yards and sprint back; P2 8 Count Body Builders

     – Flapjack; Reps are accumulative with target of 100 reps

     – Time ran out/ 75 Reps achieved

Team Movement #3: Low Crawl on Baseball Field

Team Movement #4: Catch Me If You Can – Partner Up

     – P1 Farmer Carry Rucks; P2 LBC x 25

     – Flapjack

      – Every other series Thrusters x 10

      – Rinse and Repeat until reaching Start Point



The log is like going to the dentist…it’s a necessary evil and in my opinion (having 125+ Team Leads and 7 GORUCK events as experience) the single most effective way to quickly get a team working together. Get a bunch of men under a heavy log and very quickly we all learn to rely on the strengths of our teammates…under the log there is nowhere to hide.

However it was enlightening to hear AARP say, “You know Hoff, in 10 years of Ranger School I never once had to carry a log like this”…guess the guys over at GORUCK are to blame for the infatuation TL has for heavy logs/poles/trees, lol. 

What was most impressive about the team today was how well guys swapped on and off the Log, used great communication, good pace and we saw many step up as leaders. Arguably, the heaviest per-shoulder log we’ve carried at a workout and going .75 miles in 35 minutes is an achievement! 

EVERYONE stepped up and its efforts like this that make being a TL so rewarding. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the team. 

Respectfully, The Hoff


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